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  1. Macbook Pro SERIOUSLY on the fritz

    Well, that's all over. Apple fixed and returned the macbook free of charge, and even ended up replacing the entire exterior of the unit south of the screen bezel. So it was actually better than I received it! All's well. I reinstalled Windows (probably not be best of ideas), but it works now perfectly. No pretentious film school glasses required.
  2. After 3 minutes of use, the trackpad stops working on a friend of mine's macbook pro. The system does not respond fully; the lower icon bar does not respond, although the cursor keeps moving. USB and bluetooth mice DO NOT WORK. The trackpad works in Windows Bootcamp. The trackpad also fails when left for 2 minutes at the logon screen. Any ideas?
  3. I hate Applecare!

    A friend of mine who currently owns a macbook pro (which is fracked up too) had a 17" G4 Powerbook. She dropped it, and the screen got damaged in a few places, resulting in some permanent blackness over the screen. I read that you can get it repaired/replaced for about 650 (DIY)/750 with pro installation. THat's pretty expensive for an IBM model. Try getting a monitor and just using it as a desktop.
  4. Have any of you ever had any problems with Apple Tech Support giving you trouble with fixing or replacing a mac product, either while under warranty or not? Have they ever made it difficult for you or anyone you know to get a product that you that should have been replaced, replaced? If so, let us know.
  5. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    I've been having a lot of problems with a macbook that a friend lent to me- died while in my hands. Not a good situation. CD wouldn't eject, os wouldn't boot, unresponsive firmware - ie no back door access via keyboard entries. I've posted a forum here: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=15979 I sent it off to apple repair, hopefully they'll agree to fix it.
  6. Macbook Pro SERIOUSLY on the fritz

    Yes, it does. I just got back from the "genius bar." It sounds like Apple will decide whether or not they want to mess with me in regards to fixing the machine. There's a little bump on the opposite side of the cd tray; they said that 'might' have caused it. I think that this is a case of a lousy firmwire, and neglect for self-diagnostics. The firmware that apple released doesn't seem to be beta, and any problems that Boot Camp may have caused with the computer should be limited to hard driver data, and not the hardware boot sequence. I'd be perfectly happy if Apple returns the macbook pro fixed, with no charge. I'm just concerned if they're going to. This isn't a case of windows destroying the machine, this is a case of mac hardware failing, from the looks of it. There's nothing worse than waiting for a few days while a company decides whether or not to charge you a few hundred dollars.
  7. Macbook Pro SERIOUSLY on the fritz

    Hagar - Sadly, Apple killed off the manual emergency paper-clip solution. There is no way to physically force the cd to eject from the drive without booting up, and using the firmware. quietglow - Doesn't work. Tried it on numerous occasions. Holding down option, using the open firmware backdoor, mount via FW on alternative mac laptop, control-option-p-r doesn't work, etc. It's weird, because the firmware doesn't appear to be shot. Just majorly screwed up. I hate how Apple tried to excessively simplify their OS. I knew that it was a bad idea to dump the BIOS. It's a great diagnostic tool. With standard x86 machines, you can always get into the BIOS and check out the operation of all your hardware, format HDDs, maybe even check the MBR. Not in OS X. Apple's dumbed it down so much that it's almost impossible to troubleshoot. All on a $2,500 machine. Ridiculous
  8. Macbook Pro SERIOUSLY on the fritz

    Did I not mention that the CD WILL NOT EJECT?? :-( I'm going to call them soon. Details and explanation of solution will hopefully be forthcoming
  9. Hi, A friend lent me a macbook pro so that I could help them install windows on it with boot camp. I upgraded the firmware and os to 10.4.6, installed windows, etc. Problem was that windows turned itself into the active partition, and I couldn't change os x to the primary. Boot camp wouldn't show up, but just immediately booted into windows. I popped in an os x install disc to try to use the hard drive partition editor built into the disc to change it back to the primary partition (os x), or failing that format everything and just reinstall from scratch. But wait! When I turned on the machine, the cd rom drive whirred, but wouldn't boot. To make matters worse, it WON't EVEN EJECT. I tried pushing the eject button, f12, and even something of an override (holding down the mouse key pad during startup), as well as pushing option-control-o-f and option-control-p-r on startup to try to clear the firmware or something and get the disc out. Didn't work. Now all i have is a computer that makes nice noises and then basically does nothing. To make matters worse, it's my friends, so i HAVE to fix it, lest hell decend upon my work :-(. I'm going to contact Apple support today (I tried last night, they were closed). Any suggestions? I hope it's still under warrenty, although I've never worked with Genius Bar or Apple Support before. Any advice would be great.
  10. In some cases, discrepancies between OS X's interpretation of a computer's BIOS-set internal clock can lead to modifications of the interpreted time in Windows XP. This is because OS X seems to interpret the time initially configured as GMT only, so if you live in another time zone, OS X changes the clock. When you boot back into Windows, the clock will display a different time than what it actually is. This leads to issues with the infernal DRMs that seem to be plaguing the media consumer forum. Janus DRM, AKA DRM WMP10, or the DRM compatible with "PlaysForSure" content is dependent on a clock that counts down to 30 days, in most cases. When that time elapses, content must have its license renewed, or they will not play. However, when Windows reads that the clock has changed in a strange manner since the previous boot, it seems that the DRM becomes invalid. Any music that has a DRM security 'feature' may lose it's access privileges. This has been happening to me recently. Since it can be irritating to renew licenses, due to faulty coding on the part of whatever company you receive the DRMed content from, or the like, be careful that you watch your clock changes. As such, I've left my clock in OS X on GMT, so that it doesn't conflict with Windows, or my DRM. If anyone has any other insights on this issue, let me know.
  11. Success with hp pavilion notebook

    I have a custom zd8000 too. I tried the broadcomm hacks, it didn't work. Could you please tell me which drivers you installed? I've been all over those forum posts... thnx
  12. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    Has anyone sucessfully installed 10.4.4 yet? I don't want to plunge before I know that it works- the opportunity costs of fracking up are too high second semester.
  13. I have tried all the examples and explanations listed above. I get the kext loaded "successfully" but it never detects my card. I'm using a broadcomm wifi b/g card, but no success. I spent about 5 hours trying to get it work over the past 2-3 days, to no avail. I don't suppose that there are any suggestions... but i was also wondering if there's a way to tap into another device via bluetooth to mooch it's wifi. I have a Dell Axim X50V with BT and Wifi B... But Mac OS X won't let me get any services from it other than serial port.
  14. Hi, I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 laptop, whose ethernet and bluetooth stacks work. However, even after some intense hacking of the AppleAirPort2.kext driver, I can't use my WiFi. Blast! So, here beeth my idea. I have a Dell Axim X50V that has bluetooth and wifi. If I can't get online with my wifi, I want to be able to patch into the bluetooth and grab my PDA's wifi access. Normally, this wouldn't be so hard. Windows makes it easy to grab available services from bluetooth devices. But all OS X offers me is some serial port action that I suspect isn't really there. Does anyone know how I could set this up? How many other people's BT works? It would be great to set this up, but probably really slow.
  15. [HowTo] Create a partition HFS

    The most bizarre thing happened to me. I followed the instructions on how to give my entire hard drive over to OSX while still inside OSX, but then that ruined my partition. I couldn't boot. So i open up a linux boot disk, futz around in fdisk and cfdisk, and delete all the partitions on my hard drive. I then created a new HF partition that took up the entire drive. I then tried to install OSX again. BUT GET THIS!! THe installer saw my original osx install. I pulled the disk, rebooted, and my lost and found install reappeared!! But my problem now is that although I can get back into OSX and the disk utility reads as having the entire hard drive, I still only have 6 gb. The drive says that I have the full capacity allocated to it (19.1) gb. But there is no extra free space!! How do I tell OSX to use it? Edit: Drive info: Capacity: 19.1 GB Available: 335.3 MB Used: 5.7 GB Mac OS X extended (journalled)... blah blah blah