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  1. Throttling....Hardware?

    actually, you can say buy this one, or dont buy this one... it's the same. WD just gives you an extra way to share your files over the internet through an extra program. the other HDs just dont have that program and are limited to samba. however, it is certainly bad that the industry is going that way. apple does it (come ON, the "i dont have DRM files from iTunes" is ridiculous. apple locks their products, and everyone knows that. apple wants other ones (music companies etc) to unlock their stuff, but they dont unlock theirs. RIAA and MPIAA locks their stuff and hunts down everyone, also making a fuss about everything, which leads to that kind of things... HDs who prevent music and videos from being shared on the net. thing are certainly looking bad guys, reaaaally bad
  2. Links for the weekend - 12/9/07

    that's international pwnage for you baby!!!
  3. New iPhone Ads

    wait, you mean, Stephano really doesn't have to carry a man purse around anymore? oh my god. is this for real? now THAT is the biggest advancement in technology ever. Good Job, iPhone.
  4. Apple to Open the iPhone Platform

    now this is {censored} incredible if it is indeed true. the things iphone lacks as a "smartphone" atm is 1.programs 2.locked-sim. tbh i care mostly about programs, and i can unlock the iphone anyway (despite firmware updates, which will be cracked eventually anyway). so if they fix that i believe i could maybe get one (since they fixed the price too) and btw, if that goes for ipod touch as well then this is just brilliant.
  5. Take One, Leave One

    albert sex or porn?
  6. 10.4.8 won't boot

    this only poped up on me once when i tried insalling 10.4.3 (or 10.4.4, i dont remember) on a really old pc. but that doesnt seem to be your case try searching the disable one core function on your bios again
  7. i just finished installng jas 10.4.7 native and for the first time it works great AND i have Network+SATA support. only sound left sry i cant help you out. only problem i had is that after the installation, when it said it would reboot to load OSX it wouldnt and i had to press reset
  8. Biggest idiot in the world!

    lol at this guy. he is either completely stupid (seriously worse than monkeys) or he just made 2 stupid videos just to gain some publicity and feel happy (which makes him pathetic) either way, he's a disgrace to humanity
  9. Wow, you guys get a lot of stuff for Christmas. I wish we had that in Holland! quoted for truth, in greece we dont get that many stuff either. btw, "santa" comes at january 1st here so he may not look like jobs, but i sure hope for a wii-looking old man
  10. your opinion about Russia?

    yes, its a very beautifull as much as different country. and its really sad that they really dont have any democratic structure (e.g. let's say you did something, and 2 years later they vote a law which forbids it. then you become guilty and you are charged even though it wasnt illegal when you did it, and the sad thing is that noone can see the unreasonable in that) i would as much hope NOT. america is stong and does anything it wishes as it is now, and the other ones are actually just puppets who only say "yes" to everything. It's best if there is a different oppinion every now and then. That's what democracy is all about after all
  11. I really hope that Apple will release AMD powered computers most of you "NOOOOOOOOOO" guys should have to understand the followings: 1)There are Apple fans, Intel fans, and AMD fans (of course, someone can be apple&intel or apple&amd fan). Each one wants different things from his processors (which is not only about the processor itself, characteristics, cost, perfomance, but it's about personal experiences, support, future-plans, company policies etc). Personaly, i dislike 2 things in Intel, company policy and pricing (you have to admit that intel processors that did the same or worse job than athlon 64 cost higher than the AMD one, just how i have to admit that core 2 duo >>>> athlon64) By using intel processors Apple has kept me (and a lot more customers i guess) from buying an macbook. Apple may have done a lot of mistakes in the past, but i think they have learnt not to turn their backs on a marketshare 2)COMPETITION IS IMPORTANT. Of course, apple can make non-competitive models between amd and intel (the most important reason is so that the relationship with intel will not brake, if they can persuade intel that the amd models do not affect the intel models' sales). However, the slightest form of competition is always good, and if a particular model turns out to sell more than one other, there will need to be repricing (e.g. amd model sells more = intel will have to do something to make their model sell = cut down the price of the CPUs they give to Apple, asking apple to lower it's overall price, in order to be more competitive) 3)Compatibility. For all of us with athlon os x86 that need to wait for a release compatible to our software, things will get a lot easier Anyway, as a conclusion, i would like to say that since Apple does not dump intel, there is no reason for you to moan and whine, on the contrary, IF, i repeat IF, apple does indeed chose to make an AMD mobile, it gets a lot better for AMD fans, and it remains the same (or better) situation for intel fans. In any case, you have nothing to lose from this, and it can only affect you in a good way That's my personal opinion ofc anyway