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cluster my macbook

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Hi there, I am new.


I currently have a Blackbook and find it a little bit limited when using Logic.


This website has opened my eyes to the world of the Hackintosh. I would like to build one at some point.


My thinking is that I could build a Hackintosh and connect it to my Blackbook in a "cluster". This way, the Hackintosh would effectivly be a super charger for the old Blackbook.


So, would this type of set-up work and be worth-while?


Thankyou for your helps.

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lol, were did you get this idea? sounds good and all but just wouldnt work.. you could build a hackintosh with two chips in it and over clock them to 4 GHz or more and then have 8 or more GHz in your comp. that woud be a screamin comp




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OK, well it was optimistic.


I did find solutions (other than Logic Node) however that meet my requirements.


Firstly, http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/ for offloading processing to a networked computer and secondly;




Using Wormhole, I can host Ableton, Reason and some AUs/VSTs on one computer and send the audio back to Logic.


I would also like to send MIDI back to Logic which I think may be possible using Audio MIDI Setup.


Any suggestions on the MIDI side of things (syncing the sequencers) would be appreciated and also as to whether any extra hardware is required to set up the network.


Finally, any more suggestions on building a 'screaming' hackintosh?



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I think its a wonderful idea. For network connectivity, I would suggest Gigabit LAN. It should work very well and will give x2 speeds as long network does not become a bottleneck.


I have built several linux clusters in the past and they worked very very well. A good config should be 2xQuadcore Processors, with a supported motherboard. Sorry I cannot be of too much help, but let us know how it goes.

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