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  1. This thread is years old mate, and is based off a automation script to install and set permissions for all the hud files, I know cause i created the first all in one installer. however with mountain lion things were changed around, and to my knowledge your going to have to manually do it.
  2. Robbiem

    [wall]Kanye west

    thats bcuz they r personal mods. when i have access to my computer again, ill upload them to some site -Robbie
  3. Robbiem

    The NSPanel Thread

    ok new problem, i did a fresh install of leo, and when i started doing my hud mods, everything got kinda messed up, when i hit the power button on my macbook, nothing happens, force quit menu doesnt work, log out brings up the shutdown window with the force quit window behind it. any clue? id usually know what to do, but in this instance i have no friggen clue.. HELP!! lo -Robbie
  4. hey guys, i just did a fresh install of leo on my macbook, and i cant for the life of me, remember were to find the pages/forums (i think on mac rumors but i cant find it) of how to change the menu bar translucent again, like back in 10.5 i love the seethru ness of it, and fresh install means by by translucentness. so if anyone could please help me get it back that way i could continue to post wonderful screenies again
  5. Robbiem

    Take One, Leave One

    neither cbr600 or r6?
  6. another need a new back ground and lines lol
  7. Robbiem

    Stain on macbook

    Lesson 1 in the Macbook cleaning manual: DO NOT USE SOLVENT on your awesome computer... EG: my dad had a "sticky, sticker substance" on his brand new macbook, he pulled it out of the box and it had it, SO his dumbass went and got some solvent, which IDK why he didnt know, but it ate the {censored} out of the back of his macbook, which is now covered by a sticker. so what did we learn kids, window cleaner is awesome
  8. Robbiem

    cluster my macbook

    lol, were did you get this idea? sounds good and all but just wouldnt work.. you could build a hackintosh with two chips in it and over clock them to 4 GHz or more and then have 8 or more GHz in your comp. that woud be a screamin comp -Robbie
  9. heres my desktop. Authentic Macbook. Wallpaper - credits goto p-J although i added my own twist and font into it. if you want this or the original, must ask p-J for permission, he doesnt have the one im using altho he has the orig. so just ask him..
  10. Robbiem

    web design help

    were at within irc?
  11. Robbiem

    web design help

    oh i know, although i have no clue were to start, i know basic html, and i know there are a lot of tuts on the web to help out, although i dont have a clue as of what to do with the jquery thing, do i need javascript to use it? is javascript a program? for some reason i either havent looked in the right place, or am missing something.. diabolik, if you have aim or some other chatting service could we talk? -Robbie
  12. Robbiem

    web design help

    yea, im really a web design noob.. lol i dont get any of it, ok well i get it, just wouldnt know how to apply it.
  13. Robbiem

    web design help

    dude, i know, at the time he wasnt on, lol i did, anyways he said use jquery all though i download it and it gives me a source code that opens up in dashcode, and i have no clue what to do with it... any ideas?
  14. Robbiem

    web design help

    ok so some how i ended up here http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/ and i ABSOLUTELY love how he did that page, im wondering if this is on a tut some were on the web, or if some one can tell me how to do that.. because id love to know how. -Robbie