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64bits, confused

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I don't quite get whats going on with the whole 64bit thing with snow leopard (I didnt even realise the core 2 duos were 64bits!) could someone explain?


Does this mean that currently running 10.5 on my mbp, its running purely in 32bit mode? and the same is true for any mac whether it has a 64bit processor or not?


but if i install snow leopard will a 2.2ghz core 2 duo run a full 64bit kernel?


then presumably all the non-apple apps are still compiled for 32bits? or does 10.5 actually run some stuff in 64bits if your processor can handle it and so the UBs have ppc,intel 32 and intel 64? will snow leopard let you run 32bit apps at all when it is running the 64bit kernel or does it make you reboot in 32bit mode like with the system preferences thing some people have reported?

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In OS X, 32-bit and 64-bit apps run side by side. If a program was programmed in 64-bit compatibility, it will run in 64-bit mode, otherwise it will run in 32-bit. All core apps, Safari, System Preferences, Terminal, etc, are all 32-bit apps in 10.5 and earlier. In 10.6 they are 64-bit with the option of running them in 32-bit mode.

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you can remember when they shift from mac os 9 to os X. back then users had 3 "mod", 1 mod for total compatibilitie with os 9, but most of the eyes candy grafics stuff wasn't working and a lot of new thing. the second was for for midlle compatibylitie: it mean that u could runing os X with almos every new featur but os 9 apps only work IF they was rebuild (that mean have a update/ modification from the original devoloper) but i think back then most apps wasn't rebuild, although i don't really know. and the last mod: os X only; nothing that wasn't had been write whit coaco, don't work.

everything here:


with this in mind, we can supose that snow leopard will suport all 32 bit aplication, but some compromise may be necessary, or rebuilt, but i don't think they are going to leave PPC suport that quick

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