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    The Useful idiot

    to mp3228, i have to say that this post that you wrote is among the best article i ever read, i'm not saying that i agree with everything, or anything at all. The way you made it, sentence construction and arguments explaination are, at leaste, admirable. it has been a long time since i read a philosofical matter discuss on the net from a random persone that i was hopeless to ever find one. with that being said, criticism: -the way you used the word anarchists. As I know this word, it mean the absence of rules, but not beacause people don't follow them, because they aren't needed. People make they're desition based on the right of others. But as critisism have a second, better accepted, meaning so anachist: "they're is no rule, I do what everything i want to". -criticizing as anarchists have an implied meaning here, i'm sure you meant "negative un-argumented criticism. -The Useful Idiot is a great armchair philosopher? i realy doubt that the Useful Idiot can be called philosopher, in anyway. but i would love to be proven wrong. it's not that "they" are biologicaly unable to performe such task, they are just limited by decades of (flat-)education. -university's professors can learn us more in 1h than most parent in 18 year, i had saw it time enough to garantee that. the probleme is that they don't always learn "good" things, i agree with you on that, and it hurt so much. -Obama will attack Afghanistan, unbelivable. i'm not going to talk about Obama because i don't know almost anything about him expte what the mass media bring me, so just one more thing. Are you a profesional writter? if you are, plz, tell me for who you work, I would love to read more like this, thank you for this and sorry for bad english.
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    64bits, confused

    you can remember when they shift from mac os 9 to os X. back then users had 3 "mod", 1 mod for total compatibilitie with os 9, but most of the eyes candy grafics stuff wasn't working and a lot of new thing. the second was for for midlle compatibylitie: it mean that u could runing os X with almos every new featur but os 9 apps only work IF they was rebuild (that mean have a update/ modification from the original devoloper) but i think back then most apps wasn't rebuild, although i don't really know. and the last mod: os X only; nothing that wasn't had been write whit coaco, don't work. everything here: with this in mind, we can supose that snow leopard will suport all 32 bit aplication, but some compromise may be necessary, or rebuilt, but i don't think they are going to leave PPC suport that quick