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...problem with ilife 06 and iwork 06


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...i have full install osx 10.4.5 + security patch but Imovie HD-Iweb-IDVD and iwork no working....when open block the display and can't click in option or menu programs.

I have a Pentium 4 3,00 with Hyper Trading 1Gig ram...

....i have path ss2 because my processor not support ss3...please who can help me?

...in Safari flash site, the pc are slower ;)(((

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I know how to fix this issue.

1.Simply go to Applications, Right Click on iWeb if you have an x86 two-button mouse, then click Show Package Contents.

2. Now click Content

3. Then click Resources

4. Look for a file called defaults.plist and open it with TextEdit or an alternative.

5. Search for:



after locating this, change the <true/> to <false/> and save the document.

Now reopen iWeb and all is well! Hope this helps. ;)

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