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    ...problem with ilife 06 and iwork 06

    yes, but those without QE like myself - it's what you need to do.
  2. Mac Pwns

    ...problem with ilife 06 and iwork 06

    I know how to fix this issue. 1.Simply go to Applications, Right Click on iWeb if you have an x86 two-button mouse, then click Show Package Contents. 2. Now click Content 3. Then click Resources 4. Look for a file called defaults.plist and open it with TextEdit or an alternative. 5. Search for: <key>SFRAcceleratedCanvas</key> <true/> after locating this, change the <true/> to <false/> and save the document. Now reopen iWeb and all is well! Hope this helps.
  3. Mac Pwns

    OpenGL on OSX86

    eww, that = nasty. Any idea for a 10.4.6 port of OpenGL coming?
  4. Mac Pwns

    OpenGL on OSX86

    Hey all, I had issues with my Intel Graphics Chipset and OpenGL in OSX86 10.4.4. I tried Warcraft3 - OpenGL not available I tried UT 2004- Same error. Can anyone help me? I want to know how to run OpenGL on OSX86
  5. Mac Pwns

    Installing Osx86

    Okay, when it says press F8 for boot options hit f8. Then type in platform=X86PC -v if that doesnt work, try platform=X86PC -x -v And if it stalls one on line, write it down and tell us
  6. Mac Pwns

    Building the Black Box

    True.dat man, Intel can pull over AMD pretty soon.
  7. Mac Pwns


    Narunet, can you drop me a PM for that offshore space?
  8. Mac Pwns

    Abu Ghurab

    Agreed. If you needed to be tortured for National Security, that's one thing, but Abu Ghurab was just a stunt.
  9. Mac Pwns

    CD ISSUES! 10.4.3 8F1111 - Wesley patch

    Bump, c'mon guys, any help!?
  10. Darn, this thing won't work, 10.4.1 worked great, now this doesn't. I have tried safe mode.. still nothing, I included my platform=X86PC tag at boot, but It freezes at Apple screen with this error in -v ACPISystem State s3 s1 s0 [s3] or something like that. any help?????? Thanks, Joe
  11. Mac Pwns

    Pentium 4 2.8ghz 800mhz FSB

    No offense man, but you replied the same way to like 3 topics already :-P
  12. Mac Pwns

    Running OSx86...

    Awesome lol, just change the Apple OSx86 because it isn't Apple "twisted" you should say Apple Mac OS X
  13. Mac Pwns


    yeah, I could pull it off off shore. Thanks for offer narunet
  14. Mac Pwns


    So, with 124 views, WHO WANTS IT GUYS!!!? lol I want to know so if people do, I will get it up.
  15. Mac Pwns


    Thanks bond! I mean, your theory is all too odd, because it should be in your disclaimer that no one from Apple, the government or police authority should be allowed to access the site, so if that were in mine, I could have it so tight that only a few are let in. But, I know you don't mean to discourage but when I was talking to Mashugly he thought that would be okay. so I dont know. Sorry to repeatedly post, but i haven't seen a lot of apple cracking down on hx0rs nd warez lately..