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Best laptop for running Leopard?

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I'd say Thinkpads (R61/T61/X61). Only the network is not working, sound partially working. The rest is a piece of cake. Plus, what can beat T61? (price wise, quality wise)


This only applies to T61's with gma x3100 graphics, if you get the nvs chip you may have installation problems. The one of the best is any compaq c700 series with intel dual core. steer clear of turion x2 versions the lowest cost one at best buy is 430, office depot has a version with a better processor, larger hard drive and a webcam for 699. You would have to find an hp wifi card on ebay though.

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I have an HP DV6716EZ, and only had to load the soundcard driver ALC861 something, and had to add the Device ID of the Wireless to the IO80211Family.kext to get everything to work!

You have to be careful though, not all models have the same components I've have seen on Dells that they change the Camera make during the production due to failures so one could end up like I did with a builtin Logitech Quickcam instead of the initial piece of {censored} and mine worked out of the box. My wireless was also not the one specified in the Web specs, it turned out to be an equivalent model of a different manufacturer but the counted in my favour as the one I got was completely compatible with MacOS, where it would have been slightly less superior in Vista(if I still ran that)!


So all in all I scored! If your going to Physically buy it in a shop the best might be to power up the Demo unit and go through the specs in the System one by one!



Ps my Dell Dimension 9200(XPS410), barr the Intel NIC, is also a 99,9% working system and as I bought a $4,20 wireless card from the internet, in order not to lay cables, to me it is perfect!

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