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ATI mobility radeon HD 3850 ? laptop


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any drivers for ati mobility laptop chipsets ??? seen some desktop support,...


new HD 3450 is out, ( dell studio) RV620 ?


and have not seen anybody ,... x1350 etc,... hp laptops, etc


please post,

subject, need drivers X???? screen rez laptop model

subject X???? working rez model

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Yeah guys... there's a lot of us out there with radeon mobility hd... mine is Mobility hd 3650... The ones who have the required knowledge... please do something!! :'(


Netkas has done an amazing job for almost all radeon hd cards... but not for the Mobility versions... we should perhaps offer him a laptop with a Mobility radeon hd so he can play around and save us all!! ;)

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please post what's not working ,....

graphics chipset,... aka hd3450, RV620, device id,... garbled, white menus, external only,... etc,...

what laptop, with mobility,... how much memory,.... laptop info,...

what's working ,... default 1024x768, no qe/qc ,... boot options,...

what kext used,.... edits,...


dell studio laptop has the ati mobility chipset option ,.... looks good, also idt soundchip not working,...

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This post should be on the top! Hoping for the awesome mobility radeon drivers by Netkas and all those masters! I believe that ATi will never die in OSX!


I've heard of some rumors that in the Snow leopard Mobility HD 3400 might be supported. Is that true?


At last, about my laptop:


Asus X81H575Se-SL


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5750




Chipset: Intel PM965


Graphics Card: ATi Mobility Radeon HD3470 (not working, 1024x768 with NO QE/CI, perhaps using the generic driver)


Wireless Network: Intel 3945abg


LAN: Realtek RTL8168/8111B Fast Ethernet

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i know this seems like im just bumping everything to do with the 3400 series mobility cards, and i am..


the main point im making is that if anyone will point me in the right direction with some materials, il try my best to make a driver if its possible..

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