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Can't see my IDE DVD Drive and my NTFS HDDs


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hi all,


i have leo4allv3 with 1053 and 930 kernel and everything runs smooth BUT:


-my DVD IDE Drive cant be accessed in leo. but i installed leo from this drive and changed nothing after installation.


-after some time, my hdd partition cant be loaded because of a timeout or something.


i have ntfs-3g installed and i think this issue appeared after parallels or vm installation.

please help, i have no idea whats going on and how to fix it



thank u




leo4allv3, 1053, 930 kernel

amd am2 x2 5000+ BE

ati x1900XT


1x IDE DVD Drive

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Do you use Any other OS?

If Yes..then go into your OS..and access you mac via Mac Drive.Remove it..and remove ntfs-3g as stated by you. it locate at applications..then reboot to your leo..use -f at darwin bootloader.hope that might helps you...Dont use NTFS-3g application..please use Paragon NTFS For Leopard if you wanted to access your NTFS HD with access and write functions.

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thnx i will try this.


but with paragon i cant write my truecrypt ntfs partitions. i can use my normal NTFS partitions with read/write but not the encrypted ones. with ntfs-3G its not a problem.


any ideas about the missing DVD drive?

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