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  1. I try this distro..ya..need to go with cpus=1 and..it did boot the DVD..then when I thinking of erase my SATA partition hd ..well it did not detect my SATA HD..it only detect my IDE HD..that is my default Vista Sp2 directory. With iDeneb..all are fine and also need to boot with cpus=1 before selecting the fix. it seem that my HD controller did supported by XxX distro.
  2. Chameleon with DSDT override

    I ran into the same problem too..but i managed to bypass all of that with Jas ACPI..then I removed firewire kext(mean disabled them) and you might wanna disabled AppleEFIRuntime.kext too. then boot using cpus=1 -f -v see what happen..I use this method too. but only replace original ACPI kext with Jas kext. and remember to choose cpus=1 fix when installing iDeneb...hope this could help you.
  3. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    I already update the iPC PPF..1&2..yupp I can install it..but it did not have ps2 kext for my mouse and keyboard..I have to paste it via Macdrive..It seem that the kext didnt bundle there..as it bundle HID keyboard and HID mouse kext in it..but no ApplePS2 kext..and the same kext I choose within iDeneb and iPC for graphics do not act the same.. in iDeneb-I choose Nvinject 128MB-and the graphic are smooth..full QC-QI-Full resolution in iPC-I choose Nvinject 128MB-But the result..my mouse went slow in moving it around...not smooth..
  4. iPC OSx86 Public Beta Install

    I got Still "Waiting For Root Device"..on my Lenovo machine. But iDeneb went fine..smooth.. I've download the PPF1 & PPF2..will patch iPC..and give it a shot tonight..
  5. Thanks a million for the solution dude..it been almost a year with this problem..Now today..it is solve fully..I can finally run Leo on my Lenovo machine after running the method..it some few problem with the hardware recognition..such as my 3GB DDR2 known as SDRAM ..I'll try iPC distro 2morrow..I got succes on iDeneb..will give a shot iPC. All my hardware are detected. My wide sceen 19inch lcd also display full resolution.. wow..wow.. sound cool..fully functional..All I can say is..THANKS..Network..LAN..working..I'll post my screen shot after I try iPC..ok..Thanks for the great job..
  6. Lenovo-Still dont know the issue!

    Help me..expert...come on and view the photo..describe why I'm stuck there..can't anyone..or don't anyone experience this situation..Calling expert view..as pcwiz,..haira taiki..and more..
  7. Hi greeting to all..I'm on my way downloading iPC now..hope this will success on my Lenovo machine..so far it doesn't success even though It install well..but when it boot again..it will stuck..as in picture.. This is my Lenovo Spec: Mainboard : LENOVO LENOVO Chipset : SiS 671/FX/DX/MX Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2000 MHz Physical Memory : 3072 MB Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE Hard Disk : HDT722525DLA380 (250 GB) Hard Disk : WDC (80 GB) DVD-Rom Drive : ATAPI DVD A DH16A1P ATA Device Monitor Type : L193 Wide - 19 inches Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Operating System : Windows Vista Ultimate Professional 6.00.6002 Service Pack 2, v.113 DirectX : Version 10.00 Windows Performance Index : 3.1 And for your info..I've try Leo4All,Kalway,iAtkos,iDeneb--but the same thing happen..it stuck as the picture above..I've try installing with none of kext selection...all selected..using cpus=1, -f -v ..etc..all...but it will stuck there..It install well..SUCEEDED..but..that my problem..--Hope iPC wont let me down.. For my Acer Aspire 4315-Success with it except for Wifi didn't work out for Atheros 5007G with Leo4Allv3 I just wonder if my Lenovo meet the OSX86 spec as well..please do give me some guide and comment as I wanted to see Leo running on my desktop. Thanks in advance..
  8. Do you use Any other OS? If Yes..then go into your OS..and access you mac via Mac Drive.Remove it..and remove ntfs-3g as stated by you. it locate at applications..then reboot to your leo..use -f at darwin bootloader.hope that might helps you...Dont use NTFS-3g application..please use Paragon NTFS For Leopard if you wanted to access your NTFS HD with access and write functions.
  9. Kalyway 10.5.2 setup loop

    Makesure your ACHI @ ACPI support is disabled on your BIOS. This well known reason by me why PC keep on restarting..then use -s at darwin boot loader. ensure your Leopard DVD Installation cd is not left inside the DVD drive.
  10. For better result..install Vista then Leopard..well for sure YES you'll have some boot problem..but that can be solve..you can't use Darwin bootloader for Vista..as it well give you windows bootloader error..Use tboot to make Dual Boot.
  11. Wierd error after reboot.

    Flag your usb drive..and use -f at darwin loader..hope it may help you.
  12. Kalyway 10.5.2 setup loop

    Try -s at darwin bootloader(remember to put out your Leo DVD out from the DVD Drive)if you put the Leo DVD into the Drive it will boot into it in single mode whereas it recognize your DVD as boot drive..so beware... then follow this method: /sbin/fsck -fy <--step one-Type this first then enter /sbin/mount -uw / <-- step2- type this then enter passwd root <--step 3-type this then enter..now, it will ask you to enter a new password enter password..then enter..(remember at this point..there is no **** to hide your pass neither visible of your pass..but it blank..noted that what you type is actually write but there is nothing to show at the screen as Apple does this..) reenter password to confirm password.. touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone reboot <--type this and enter to booting to your leopard as administrator.You'll straight to a logon screen..enter user: root and password: the one that you type previously. there you go..but remember to setup new proper account from system preferences..select user...ok.. hope that'll help you..and remember..PLEASE BE A HARD READER USER..Don't make a ask thread..search first..then confirm if there if no solution then make a thread to ask for solution..
  13. My Acer Suyin Webcam works fine with EvoCam. Record Video & Audio.
  14. Windows Xp Unmountable!

    try to use Leo4Allv3..this the most fine version for me..but if u want to give a shot with Kalway..then fine for me..well update me your progress here..or PM me..ok..I'll try to help you as well.
  15. My leopard is not booting

    Follow this guide Enter Terminal on your Leopard DVD installation..choose disk utility..then type this on terminal fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (remember!!..if your OS is installed in different HD..then ensure you know which HD is it) p <--to list the partition on HD 0 f x <--- x refer to your partition where you installed your OS..example 1 for Vista, 2 for Leopard so it could be like this (f 1) u <-- Update the value w <--write the value y <--Yes to confirm the write value into system q <--quit with save function reboot