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Video playback skipping if the video is uncompressed/high resolution


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This is strange and i have no clue why it's happening (maybe it's the hard disk)

if i try to play a "huge" .mov with high resolution/uncompressed, the playback is skippy (a lot!).. almost pause every 1''

if i boot with a xp and i copy the same file (.mov) and try to play it with window's quicktime the playback is ok,even full screen.

XP are installed in a fastest HD than Leopard but this would not stand such a big problem, would it?

anybody know why is this happening/anyone can test it?

i mean about .mov files with resolution like 1980x1200 and a lot of layers/fx stuff inside, created with a video fx program (after effects,motion etc)


specs are in my sig

perfomance in my system is normal for my hardware

xbench results without disk: 270

the disk alone i think that gets: 40


In XP with HDTUNE i have this results for both disks:

XP Disk: 81/maximum

LEO Disk: 47/maximum


so ok the osx disk it's not that f*cked up, it's a normal UDMA5 IDE disk (not SATA)

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but it's uncompressed quicktime movie :wacko:

when it's uncompressed there is no bitrate and whatever

only quality,millions of colours etc

codeck it's the normal apple's codeck for quicktime maximum quality


anyway i start to blv that if i move to a sata disk things will change :unsure:

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