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Osx Server Install


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Hi Installed OSX Server on top of Kalaway 10.5.1.

Went like a dream.


Only problem was my Motherboard pcie ethernet would not work. Asus P5K SE/EPU it has Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet. No worky!

Popped in a Dlink ethernet card (Realtek chipset) and works no probs.


My only issue was ethernet was unsatble if I manually set the ip of the server. I did this as I wanted to hang it out in a DMZ.

My work around was to use the set host config in the router and allow the server to DHCP automaticly. Worked like a charm.

Stable and reliable. :-)


Hope my experience is helpful to someone.


Anyone else using osx server?? What are your experiences?


Maybe someone should put together a conbined thread that deals with osx server




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I installed the retail server packages over Leo4Allv3 updated to 10.5.3. About this Mac read "Mac OS X Server 10.5." Then I installed the 10.5.3 Server combo update with pacifist... making sure to install ONLY the server packages.


This solved any issues I experienced.


It took a while, but I sorted out all the error messages I was getting in the logs. It didn't affect performance, I just enjoy clean logs.


Relatively smooth conversion, I'd say. It's fun having all these other capabilities on my machine.

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