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    Asrock 330Ion net top

    hi after many attempts at snow leopard installs I have now installed lion and it's well worth the effort. I made a USB key with the lion install package and cameleion booter I've transferred the 10.7.1 atom kernel available on this site and boot the installer from the USB key. Once lion is installed I boot again from the USB key and using terminal copy the kernel over to the root directory of the hard disk and for good measure copy it over to the extras directory too. The unit works out of the box, except for sound. I am using a creative xfi USB 5.1 sound device optical out to my av receiver. Couldn't get the onboard sound to work using the hdmi. Now all works, Ethernet is recognized as built-in not kept or hacks required. The graphics card outputs in 1080 p to my Sony Bravia tv. Awesome!!!! Really happy with stability. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi, Just bought an eMachines em-350 net book. ($160). I've installed win 7 ultimate and SL 10.6.6 I used netbookinstaller from mymacnetbook.com. Works really well. See the site for details. I installed a 2gb ddr2 800 SO-Dim, wifi is via USB wireless n doggle (winstar from memory), uses a ralink chipset and downloaded a osx10.6 driver. Bluetooth via a USB adapter it's tiny cost $2. All working really well ordered a Dell 1510 wifi card to replace the stock one. Ordering a 6 cell battery to replace the 3 cell one. Graphics works at full resolution but no hardware acceleration as yet. Can boot to win 7 for YouTube or video playing. Can recommend the em-350 as a useable netbook! Cheers