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dmg to iso

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you must use the new ultraiso and go to the silverloonking cd with the arrow pointing right and click convert to iso


or you can use soem versions of magic iso but ultra is better even though it takes longer to open and save files

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ive got it but it says unknown image file format


use the most recent version. don't try to burn as a dmg, u have to convert it first to ISO.

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As long as it's not bootable, you can burn it with Nero. Burn --> image file, select the .dmg and there's something in one of the tabs where you can specify that it's a HFS image. Then you can burn it.

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I tried doing both. I used ultraiso to convert as previously mentioned and burned the iso with nero. I dont have a pentium test bed so I stuck with just the hardwrae error message at boot :)

I believe you will have to get a key for ultraiso for the 300mb burn limit though

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I have tried converting with UltraISO and then patching with SSE3patch. I still get the "Platform not supported..." message after I burn the .iso onto the disc and boot with it.

On the other hand, if I use that .iso and boot it in VMware it goes fine.

I also extracted /usr/strandalone/i386/boot and the offset 0h4ccf does not contain the patched set of code, neither in HSF nor in ISO volume of the image. What gives?

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This is a guide i made for OSBA



This guide aims to show you how to burn a Mac OSX CD in Windows and retain its bootableness, It was written for the members at OSBA (osbetaarchive.com) originally!.

This guide was written by eightballx and is fully redistributable as long as this paragraph is kept intact.

So lets get started...


Burning DMG files (using DMG2ISO)


DMG2ISO is a tool written by Vu1tur, and if you would like it taken down drop me an email at eightballx@gmail.com


ppc_digger has made an excellent front-end to this in Visual Basic so if ppc_digger doesnt mind we will be using it here.If you dont want it here drop me a line at the email above


- Download this file (Hosting Thanks to shanks(Dictator-Of-Death)

- Unzip it to somewhere like your desktop

- Go into the Distribution folder and double click the DMG2ISOS.exe file


You should see this




- Click browse in the Input DMG file box and find the location of your DMG file

- Click browse in the Output ISO box and choose the location of your output DMG

- Click the Convert button


Now burn with Nero (or your favourite burner)


If this for some reason doesnt work... or you feel like using the command line

I have made a guide for the command line version



Burning DMG files That dont work in DMG2ISO ( Thanks to sHARD>> :) )


1) Get UltraISO 7.6+

2) Choose Tools>Convert...

3) Open the DMG

4) Choose Standard ISO

5) Hit convert

6) Burn ISO with Nero

7) Be happy.




Burning toast files (Using NERO) - untested


Obtain the latest version of Nero...

Fire up nero burning ROM... and select File -> open

Select the toast file and burn

To make an ISO choose Image Recorder as your burner and nero will ask you were to save it



Burning toast files (Using ISOBuster)


Obtain the latest ISObuster (doesnt need to be registered)

Drag the toast file into the Pane on the side of the isobuster window

Right click CD and select Extract CD <Image>

Select a place to put it

wait for it to complete


Burn with Nero(or your favourite recorder)


Well, thats the end , i hope this helped you burn a Mac OSX Disc Image and make it retain its bootableness




Once again thanks to shanks (Dictator-Of-Death) for the hosting...


Hope it helped

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