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  1. OSx86 10.4.4 Leaked

    i did a little bit of research on the image i downloaded. looks legit, but i can't try and boot it to see how far it will ga as i only have an athlon xp system. i did burn it on +R DL media. verbatim + alcohol 120 in windows gave me a readily mounted disk on my iBook. i've had issues w/ using fuji media for backing up iLife 06. burns fine in nero, but doesn't mount, and w/ alcohol, recognizes the empty disk but doens't begin burning. go figure. timeto sit tight and wait for maxxus to do his magic!
  2. OSx86 10.4.4 Leaked

    there's also a posting in the newsgroups. i'll let u know when i get it if it's in fact the same one as the torrent. looks like just one disk in the group....
  3. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    just curious...i've installed the dev dvd w/ my iBook onto an external drive. file checks basically list everything as being intel & ppc coded. even on a PPC install rosetta is there. would it be of any benefit to rip a copy of the drive for the x86 efforts?
  4. dmg to iso

    use the most recent version. don't try to burn as a dmg, u have to convert it first to ISO.
  5. i.e.- the included iPhoto info on the dev DVD, compared to that of my PPC install (x86 installed on external drive). Notice the "architecture" toward the bottom of the info windows.
  6. the install DVD uses universal binaries, that's why it installed on my iBook. it's unlikely that PearPC is running the x86 code, but is simply loading the PPC stuff.
  7. lol, um, my iBook came just peachy w/ OS X installed. that'd be plain moronic from a company that's built it's name on how their equipment is supposed to "just work". there's not a person in any Mac forum, that i've seen, that's mentioned this in their user experience, and i'm a moderator at one of them. stick to the tech stuff u seem to be rocking at.
  8. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    So, you're telling me that PIIX4 (Intel BX chipset under VMware) or ICH5R (Intel 865P chipset) isn't supported? It's hard to believe why is it hard to believe? if darwin was compiled for SSE2+ hardware, why would they develop drivers for chipsets that support non-functional CPUs? if it is true that SSE3 is required, then even an 865 might be considered dated equipment. i'm being lazy w/ my on the spot research, but do the 865s support the prescott sse3 cores? if not,u have your answer. needless to say, the PII/BX chipset is moot.
  9. do we know for sure that's the exact model? it'd be a shame for someone to ruin a board bc they had the wrong mobo.