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    network found no internet?

    what is your "BASH# ifconfig" output? Does it show your ethernet adapter with a 192.168.x.x address or 169.x.x.x From a terminal can you ping
  2. SYSTEM Celeron w/SSE2 support (verified through CPUEZ) 512 MB DDR GF3 ECS L4S5MG Socket 478 SIS 650 , 961 Netgear Ethernet. Hitachi GD-2000 8x DVD rom R1 still waiting for root device (platform=ACPI -v) panics on platform=X86PC -v NOTE: Test3 did go through install, would not restart all the way from HDD after. Verified jumpers and cables, no result. even tried M/S combo on the same cable w/o luck Have verified MD5's from pheonix at all stages and believe hardware may be the concern but I got past it previously with TEST3 FYI, sorry if I bugged you on TPrtBy as CocKnocker Br0adband
  3. spurgco

    dmg to iso

    I tried doing both. I used ultraiso to convert as previously mentioned and burned the iso with nero. I dont have a pentium test bed so I stuck with just the hardwrae error message at boot I believe you will have to get a key for ultraiso for the 300mb burn limit though
  4. spurgco

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    I shot $20.00 to the ekylypse..gmail account on paypal. I hope it helps to get your goal. Worst case scenario it may get you the coffee to stay up and crack it