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x48 update

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I am testing on the gigabyte x48DS5 motherboard which has provided some issues but I have nutted most of them


first of you need to search for ep35 install package which will contain most files you need


once you have this their is no problem - what I wanted in my system was all ICH(R drives shown as internal - you need to modify AppleAHCI .kext to achieve this - as Apple does not support ICH9R directly you need to modify the .plist file in this extension I also think you need another IOATAFamily.kext file to boot (need to prove yes/no) I have make a .pkg installer but it does not work after upgrade to 10.5.3 (prob something to do with the way I created the installer ie it will not overwrite existing files with permissions set)

Audio still needed ALC and had problems with DVD player until I could get ALCinject to load automaticly


I know this may sound difficult to some ( new ppl )I now know some things to do ( hopefully ) and will post very soon a way of doing this easily - it may be an installer package or just coping kext files but it will include the 10.5.3 upgrade - but if you look closly on these forums it has alreasy been done on another chipset ( I wont take anyone glory here )but it will be a combination of many ppls work It will not be 100% as I myself do not have ALC889A working 100% as it does not yet support more than 2 channels of audio, DVD player was tempermental still dont know what I did to make it work


The main thing now is I am able to do every upgrade by Apple but only have to replace some .kext files ( same as what will be in the installer - once I can workout how to overwrite newer files )


Is there anyone out there that has been able to get 5.1 Audio from ALC889 chipset if so how ? I can use optical out but it is only 2CHL stereo


EDIT 07 -June-08: DVD player problems have nothing to do with ALCinject but it was solved by using an older version of AppleSMBIOS - however I noticed that if there was no DVD disk in I could open the application and when viewing preferences that Audio was able to be changed between system configuration and dolby surround once AppleSMBIOS was changed this option is no longer able to be changed ???

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