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Wireless Audio Receiver


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Hi all,


In the near future I will be getting a macbook pro and a time capsule. I currently have a mac mini, a tv and some nice audio speakers. What I'd like to do in the future is be able to have my mbp completely wireless, backup, sound, etc. So, what I'm looking for is some kind of wireless audio receiver or usb audio receiver that can connect to my time capsule. In other words, I'd like my mac mini, tv and speakers to be all connected to one another (they actually are like this already and I play shows/movies/music etc. on them all the time), but I'd like to put my mbp into this mix in the future so that I can play music on my mbp and have it play from my speakers connected to some sort of receiver that can pick up the signal, or a receiver that can connect to my time capsule (or maybe even mac mini) and then my mbp can connect to wirelessly via this other device.


Does anyone have any ideas for this type of setup? I'm afraid it will probably never work, but one hopes...


Just to add: I'd preferably like the sound quality to be good, if not very good, so something like the airport express which just has an rca output is not really what I'm looking for...


Thanks for any help,



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