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  1. Hi, I'm planning on buying a time machine for myself but it will be used as a router for my apartment which I share with other roomates. Can anyone using the time capsule as a router mount the drive (mac and pc) in the time capsule? Is there a way to block certain MAC addresses from accessing the drive? Or can I password protect the drive? Thanks, Matt
  2. How does mobileme's idisk work? Does it use webdav? More specifically...how can it connect to your home computer and allow you to download any file on your computer from any other computer? Like this: http://images.apple.com/mobileme/features/..._1_20080609.jpg How do they get it to work in windows? Is it possible to connect to your home computer from anywhere with a web interface like they do without using mobileme? Thanks for any clarification, Matt
  3. mlmorg

    Web Server Port Change

    You mean the osx firewall? Because that's off... My first problem, before figuring out why I can't connect from a computer outside my network, is why computers inside my network are connecting on port 80 and not 50000 which is what I changed the httpd to. When I try to connect on port 50000 it says it doesn't exist. Thanks for any more help, Matt
  4. mlmorg

    Wireless Audio Receiver

    Hi all, In the near future I will be getting a macbook pro and a time capsule. I currently have a mac mini, a tv and some nice audio speakers. What I'd like to do in the future is be able to have my mbp completely wireless, backup, sound, etc. So, what I'm looking for is some kind of wireless audio receiver or usb audio receiver that can connect to my time capsule. In other words, I'd like my mac mini, tv and speakers to be all connected to one another (they actually are like this already and I play shows/movies/music etc. on them all the time), but I'd like to put my mbp into this mix in the future so that I can play music on my mbp and have it play from my speakers connected to some sort of receiver that can pick up the signal, or a receiver that can connect to my time capsule (or maybe even mac mini) and then my mbp can connect to wirelessly via this other device. Does anyone have any ideas for this type of setup? I'm afraid it will probably never work, but one hopes... Just to add: I'd preferably like the sound quality to be good, if not very good, so something like the airport express which just has an rca output is not really what I'm looking for... Thanks for any help, Matt
  5. mlmorg

    Web Server Port Change

    Yes I have a router and a wireless repeater. I opened port 80 on the router and also a bunch of other ports including 8080 and 50000, both of which I tried to change my web server to but my web server just doesn't seem to want to work off those ports. Even though my httpd.conf file says it's using 50000 right now, I continue to connect to my site on page 80 on my computer...
  6. Hi, I have set up a web server on my mac mini. I also have a dyndns account that I use with it. I am able to go to the site on my own computer and others on my network but computers off my network do not connect. I went through dyndns' troubleshooting file: http://www.dyndns.com/support/kb/why_cant_..._my_server.html and found that my isp must be blocking port 80. I followed this tutorial: http://homepage.mac.com/car1son/change_apache_port.html and changed my web server port to 50000...however the web server port does not actually change. I still seem to be connecting on port 80 when I use my machine and when I try 50000 nothing happens. Also when I use the open port tool that dyndns has, 50000 is refused (which means it can connect but there is just nothing there listening, ie no web server). What could be the problem here??? And yes I restarted the web sharing in preferences... Thanks, Matt
  7. mlmorg

    Hosting like Dreamhost

    Does Bluehost offer what I'm looking for? I can't really tell from their site...
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a similar host to dreamhost...but cheaper. I don't need 500GB, 10 is fine with me. What I do want, however, is WHOIS privacy, WebDAV support, and the ability to use third-party database programs (like CocoaMysql)...which takes godaddy off the list (I think). Other than those three things I want the basic stuff that dreamhost offers http://dreamhost.com/hosting.html Although I could see myself using it for 5 years, I don't want to throw down the 400 bucks right off the bat and the yearly 10 bucks a month isn't that cheap. I was looking for something more around 5 or 6 a month for a yearly, or two year, plan. If anyone has any ideas that'd be great. If not, off to dreamhost I go... Matt
  9. Hey all, I'm wondering if it's possible to get a time capsule 500gb and then another 500gb external that is attached to the usb port on the time capsule and create a mirroring raid? Also, anyone know if the seagate ES 500gb drive that's used in the time capsule will ever come out in 1TB...was hoping to get 1TB time capsule but heard the drive is definitely not as reliable as the seagate one. Thanks, Matt
  10. mlmorg

    Backup Webhost

    Thanks for all the suggestions... I currently have a mac mini and a hackintosh desk but will be getting a macbook pro and time capsule in the summer. I assume time capsule will not be able to be used as an FTP server...? But maybe I can set up my mac mini and an external (like time capsule) to be used as my FTP and backup drive. Would this be possible? Are there any good tuts out there to help me figure out what to do? Also, is it possible to buy a domain like www.domain.com and have it redirect to my ftp server where all my files are located? Thanks for all the help so far, Matt
  11. mlmorg

    Non Destructive Partition

    Wow great, did not know that. It did exactly like you said...backed up into a folder on the external and kept all my other files intact. Thanks very much, Matt
  12. mlmorg

    Backup Webhost

    Where can I read up about how to do that? Also if I do end up getting a domain and hosting...which I probably will at some point...are there ones out there definitely better than others? And would hosting providers delete copyrighted material...say if I were to backup my music collection to the server. Thanks for the help, Matt
  13. Hi all, I have a mac mini and an external drive. My external has a lot of extra files not on my mac mini; however, I'd like to set up time machine for the files on the mac mini to back up to the external. So, I need to partition the external drive non-destructively so that I don't lose the important files on my external. Is there a way to do this, and is it 100% safe? Thanks, Matt
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for a reliable webhost that is cheap and has a fast upload speed. I'd like to start backing up some of my music/videos/other files to the web so when I need something and I'm away I can access them. Also, I think it would just be good to have my files in one more separate place. I don't need a huge load of space (100gb should be fine). I thought about using .mac but I don't think it has enough space for me...The key is a fast upload speed so that it doesn't take years to upload some of my files. Also do webhosts delete files that could possibly maybe perhaps be torrented files? Thanks for any and all suggestions, Matt
  15. Well I tried a different usb port and that seemed to work so hopefully if it ever happens again I can just move the usb again and keep working. Thanks for the help! Matt