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Silicon 3512 RAID installation


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I recently bought a cheap PCI 2 port SATA RAID card (19 EUR). It has the Silicon 3512 chip, which should be compatible with OSX.

I have searched all this forum but I cannot find the way to install OSX on the raid. I use Kalyway 10.5.2, which has the AppleVIAATA.kext with silicon 3512 support.


I already tried the following:


-creating RAID set in the bios, but it is being recognized as 2 separate disks by OSX

-creating RAID set in OSX installer, which seems to work, but naturally when I restart, the bios doesn't recognize the raid and cannot start OSX.


Suggestions welcome!



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You have to insert the Sil driver into your installation DVD in order install it on a RAID set.

But you will not be able to boot it until you didn't install this driver on the new installation.


Put the driver in the /system/library/extension folder then rebuild the kextcache of the dvd image.

You can do it quite easely with the kalyway 10.5.2 install DVD, there a script to do it.

The easiest way to install the driver on the raid installation of osx is to do it from an other osx partition.

Or you can like i did, customize you install DVD in order to add the RAID driver to the installation choices.


Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply, but as mentioned I already use the kalyway 10.5.2 DVD. I believe the right driver is already on this DVD because in the folder DVD/system/library/extensions there is a AppleVIAATA.kext. Inside that kext the id of the Silicon 3512 is already inserted. Does that mean the driver will be loaded when I start with the DVD?


When I do ioreg -b -x -l | grep 3512 I get the following:


| | | +-o pci1095,3512@0 <class IOPCIDevice, registered, matched, acti$

| | | | "IOName" = "pci1095,3512"

| | | | "name" = "pci1095,3512"



But I cannot get the raid set made in the bios to be recognized in OS X

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No i was talking about the genuine Silicon image driver, not the modded AppleVIAATA.kext.


I mean for the Sil3132 you can download an OSX driver from the silicon image web site.

But it's look like your chip is not yet officially supported by Osx. :mellow:

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