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  1. Trauma!


    Hi Kozlek, here is better MSi P55M-GD45 plist and also better French localization. Cheers. P55M-GD45-Fr.zip
  2. Trauma!


    Way better isn't it! Here is plist: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1333444/DropZone/Info.plist Many thanks! Great job...
  3. Trauma!


    Hi, Unfortunatly SuperIOSensors doesn't work properly here. On MSI P55M-GD45 / Fintek F71889F, see the result: Attached zip contains HWMonitor /AIDA dumps etc... Thanks
  4. Trauma!

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Same here with Mozodojo branch
  5. Trauma!

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    No I think the OS will use the higher EDID resolution supported instead.
  6. Trauma!

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    If you edit the rom inside a standard HEX editor you need to fix the checksum after edition. Otherwise the flash program won't let you flash the rom. According to FKA experience it seems RBE hex editor automatically does the trick. In OSX you can fix the rom's checksum using a script. I've found this tool inside Zeus resources folder
  7. Trauma!

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    I guess this chameleon option do not work on latest intel chipsets (P55/X58), i've tried to port ATIResolution to P55 but didn't worked. So i've used the method described in first post. But I wasn't able to flash the modified rom until I've found how to fix his checksum. Now i've 1920x1200 native resolution in chameleon. BTW, HD5xxx seems to have only one occurrence for each resolution, where earlier model have 5. Apart that the informations about ATOMBIOS are right for latest ATI GFXs.
  8. Hey Kabyl, I've just checked R700. About "get_romrevision_val": If you intent to display rom revision in system profiler then you must use "ATY,Rom#" and not "ATY,Card#". From what i could see the function return hex string, this should be converted to ascii string. Also i'm not sure the "OFFSET_TO_GET_ATOMBIOS_STRINGS_START" is correct since the string may start in different offset according to the card. (ie: my string start at 0xA8) I've tried to fix it, with no luck for the moment.... i'm feeling a bit lost in this new code syntax Cheers.
  9. Hey Kabyl, Thanks for your answers, and for the fix too. I've realized after posting that you've committed this amazing piece of code on the repo! It's really good looking, and i've retrieved lots of things from the xorg driver great job! I add to uncomment few dev props in the ati.c i order to enable the frambuffer loading on the HD 3400 card. You at least need to inject "compatible" and "device_type" on top of "name". From what i've seen injecting "VRAM,totalsize" can be helpful for people that can only use the frambuffer, once the hardware accelerator driver is loaded the RAM size is detected automatically. So i think it could be nice to inject that value too, at least for "unsupported" cards. Cheers.
  10. Hi Kabyl, For now I wasn't able to boot with the latest revision of the loader. I guess ROM injection is broken, cause drivers stuck the boot process. I've tried to UseAtiRom, but i didn't help. The ROM is loaded but looks like not injected. (I add this issue recently too). So i have no device-properties to show you there, unfortunately. The good side of this release, is that you've apparently solved the malloc errors related to the rom freeing, and or reallocation (apparently)... One more thing, I have a 3400 card plugged in the computer, and ram calculation is false. It's look like it's using EVERGREEN_MEMESIZE reg insted of R600 reg. (I add this problem on my side too). Did you received my PM's @ Voodoo's forum ? I've also continue to work on the injector on my side. Added few thing, and re-factored the code too. There stills lots off ugly things in my revision BTW. I'll can maybe help a little if you like. Bye. EDIT: OK, I've finally succeed to dump something... I had to boot without drivers and log through VNC. As I though the ROM or VBIOS is not injected, and the device-properties seems to be too minimalist. Even though is a good approach to find what really needed... Find the dumps attached: Dumps.zip EDIT 2: There's 4 display channel injected on the 5770, while it's only support 3 displays. Beside the fact it has 4 connectors.
  11. Trauma!

    ATI HD 5770

    No I'm using my own loader. I've fixed thing and added AtiFb justlike Kabyl did. Did you tried to use the ROM with this options: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>AtiFb</key> <string>Hoolock</string> <key>UseAtiROM</key> <string>Yes</string> Forget about VBIOS option, i think it's only used with NVidia cards. Can't notice the choppiness you've talked about for the moment. Bye. PS: Only "monkey" framebuffer names works with HD5000 (Baboon, Langur, Vervet...).
  12. Trauma!

    ATI HD 5770

    Hi FKA: You should be able to use the standard framebuffer (Hoolock) with your card if you add Apple's 5770 rom to Extra and load it with the booter. I've tried it yesterday and it worked fine for me. Note that I've only tested it with one monitor plugged on DVI. But with out the rom, Hoolock gives me mouse lags and I need to plug a VGA dongle into the second DVI port. With the rom everything works fine. For the moment I could not see any difference between Vervet and Hoolock performances, but peoples with more screens/issues may experience better ones. Apple HD 5770 ROM: 1002_68b8.ATI.Radeon.HD5770.Juniper.Apple.rom.zip
  13. @mishak: If your ATI card is a genuine Apple card you can use the standard ATI frambuffer for this card. Use the option AtiFb=Langur (you can of course add this to your boot.plist), with kabyl's loader. This should solve your display problems. Is it that you to dump your 5870 bios and post it please? It could allow other users to solve some problems too. Thx.
  14. Trauma!

    ATI HD 5770

    Hi, Try kabyl's bootloader. It should handle it, but don't forget to provide a rom image for the second card. In the same time could you post your Apple HD 5770 rom here please ? Cheers. @fka: Should be possible to run AppleHDA and VoodooHDA at same time. Try to only provide HDAU code in the DSDT, and just rename your HDA codec as HDEF in DSDT. Do not use any DSM injection under the HDEF device, and AppleHDA should leave this codec alone and only handle HDAU. On the other side, disable HDMI within VoodooHDA.... I think it should work! Bye.