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Kalyway 10.5.2 - Drop downs empty

Johan Els

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Hello all,


Motherboard: Intel D975XBX2 (Bad Axe 2)

Graphics: GeForce 9800GX 512Mb

Memory: 2x 2Gb DDR2-800

Hdd: Seagate 160Gb SATA

Xbench: 115


After fixing the boot problems with dual boot Vista, Mac OS boots fine, and about 50% quicker than Vista with 2Gb ReadyBoost.


Problem 1: Audio not working. Here I can see I need to do some patching and will probably get this working.

Problem 2: Pull down menus no text. Each pull down or pop-up menu is blank. When you deselect and as it fades out, the text appears for a brief second, and the fade starts.


I have tried:


1. Reinstall and used deferent nVidia driver.

2. LeoColorBar

3. Leopaque

4. OpaqueMenuBar


If anybody has any idea, I would be very grateful.





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I have blank menu too.

Problem is similar as yours. Did you solve it?

I think mine started as I installed driver for nvidia 9800GT.

Graphic works great I tryed some games (colin rally...), but I came up with the problem of blank menus

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I had a screen tearing issue and to solve it I changed the PLIST of my graphics card's kext to prevent it from loading, and the screen tearing was gone. you might try the same. however, you will lose QE/CI (I didn't have them anyways, so who cares... but for you it may be an issue)

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