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Adding Vista to Darwin bootloader?


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I haven't been able to set up a dual boot for OSX and Vista. I think my OSX partition is GUID so it doesn't work with Vista's bootloader. So now I'd like to try to add Vista to Darwin bootloader instead. How can I do this?


PS. Both operating systems are on separate hard drives. The OSX installation was done with Leo4All.

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I used Darwin bootloader it's not difficult if you want to use them !!



- Install vista in first and leopard in second (possible Vista on second partition and leopard on first, your MBR will be better and darwin too)


- After leopard installation, vista cannot start !!


Boot on leopard DVD and in option/terminal :


fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX

flag Y






With X your disk number and Y your partition number (Vista partition)

diskutil list == in terminal to obtain disk info


After then, boot on Vista DVD chose your language and chose repair / reboot (auto)


When your computer reboot, you can use vista but not leopard !!


To corrige them boot on Leopard DVD and in terminal write the same command change just disk number (if different) and partition number to repair leopard MBR.


To finish when you reboot, on darwin laptime, push enter and select your OS


Enjoy !!

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What about to add MacOS X in Vista boot loader? I don't know for you but working with windows is easier, so you can follow the dual boot guide here:




In short: Install Vista in one hard disk. Disconnect and leave only the hard disk you want to install MacOS X. Install it, make sure you can boot into it. Connect both disks. Naturally, Vista cannot recognise the Mac partition and you should boot into Vista (provided in BIOS the Boot Order is the Vista disk first). Follow the instructions in the site above. You can find chain0 file here:




So you can extract to Vista partition without messing with commands in MacOS X.


I too have EasyBCD, but I didn't manage to do anything more than rename the boot entries!, SO I did it like described in the link above...

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I've tried EasyBCD but can't get it to work. I'll try the above chain0 file when I get home. I don't remember what error I got the last time but it wasn't either the chain boot error or HFS+ partition thing. That's why I wanted to try if I could add Vista to Darwin bootloader instead.


I have no trouble running either OS if I just change the boot order in BIOS but since Abit doesn't have a boot menu in the BIOS itself it's a bit tedious to switch between the operating systems.

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can either of you elaborate on the commands you used? I followed this perfectly.


Type the following into the prompt

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Mac OS X”

bcdedit /enum active

bcdedit /set {GUID} PATH \chain0


In the first command type {current} as it is, literally..nothing else..just {current} with the brackets. In the 3rd command however, replace the {GUID} with the alphanumeric GUID you see in the enumerated list under MAC OS X. You can see this list on your terminal as soon as you type the 2nd command above.


After the first command it says it was sucessfull and displays the new guid

After the second command it just displays my original boot info with NO mac os showing.

On the third command i'm not sure if i'm supposed to be using my original guid or the mac one from above, but the mac one doesn't show up in the enum list

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