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  1. Zotac 9800GTX+ not working in Lion

    Hi all, I've recently put together a nice little beast with the following specs: Asus Rampage Extreme IV Intel i7 3820 3.6GHz Quad 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866 Quad RAM 240GB Force 3 SSD HD (Partitioned down the middle - half for Win 7, half for Lion) 2TB Seagate Sata3 7200 HD Corsair TX2 750W PSU Funky H30 Liquid cooling setup. This is the most I've spent on a puter since buying a G5 about 8 years ago (still works beautifully). I also have the following GFX cards: GTX285 Radeon 4850 **Zotac 9800GTX+** The 9800 is the card I've got plugged up and ready to go as I was informed that the GTX285 isn't actually supported under hackintosh conditions, despite it being supported by an actual Mac Pro. Shame, as it's really quite beefy. I've installed Lion using myHack, installed Chameleon and got it booting from the HD all fine and dandy and using a modified AppleIntelE1000e.kext, I've got the ethernet working also. However, I can't get the 9800 to work fully. When booting up with a plain ...boot....plist, I get the horrible resolution. If I add GraphicsEnabler=Yes, it will boot up to the point when the desktop usually appears but then the screen goes dead/no input. I have tried this with 10.7 and 10.7.3. Could anyone give me any advice on where to go next? Huge thanks in advance!
  2. ATI & Nvidia together?

    So I've been the throwing this about a bit in IRC with varied responses... I have an HD 4850 and a 9800GTX+. I've been told that theoretically, it's possible to get them running together, but have so far had no luck. I can get them both running fine independently with GE/QE but as soon as I have them both plugged in with both drivers running together, I can't boot. It halts at: ...InterfaceNamer: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID Anyone got any ideas? b
  3. Anyone? I'm guessing it might just be something as simple as installing a different kext. Helpings! b
  4. Ahoy. I've been really rather chuffed with my hackintosh since building it a few months ago. However, I recently upgraded my internet connection to Virgin Media's 50meg cable connection (UK thang). Since the upgrade, my puter runs net connections very badly. All other computers on the network work fine at blazing speeds (retail macs and PCs). Even this machine runs great when booted up in Vista, but when I boot into 10.5, it's awful. It is bad when using the wired connection either direct from the cable modem, or from the supplied Netgear WNR2000. It gives fast speeds, but only for a few seconds, then absolutely nothing, then fast, then nothing etc. It's basically like going back to 56k. Nooooooooo!!!! I am using the on board ethernet ports on my Asus P5Q-E. Also, I included 'skge_marvell_skge.pkg' during the Kalyway installation. I've searched the forums, but no joy. Anyone got any ideas? Big thanks! b
  5. I was searching around and noticed that everyone says that the ethernet stuffs will not work on a P5Q board. "Buy a realtek..." This is probably old news, but I used a Kalyway install, and the onboard ethernet ports work fine with my P5Q-E. I just made sure the installation included 'skge_marvell_skge.pkg'. My hacintosh will now happily peruse all things internet/network as well as use it's 2nd ethernet port to share to others (my macbook pro & PS3 so far). Am I the only one with this or is it just because I have a p5q-E? B
  6. Adding Vista to Darwin bootloader?

    I followed the instructions, but now my machine just fires straight into Vista. It looks like the Darwin bootloader screen appears for a split second, but can't change anything. Thx, b