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unable to find SMBIOS table


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I'm getting a bit frustrated after millions attempts to get Leopard on my PC.

My previous post has already 105 views without a solution so I try a new one.


Currently I'm trying to run Leo4allV3. All attempts that I did, can be divided into 2 main scenarios.


1. If I type any of these options on the Darwin screen...


-s or

/sbin/fsck -fy or

/sbin/mount -uw or

./options or

sudo -s


...and press enter, it loads a couple HFS+ files and then gives the message:

EFI enhanced bootloader build: Toh


unable to find SMBIOS table


...and then reboots.


I've posted every screen of the process on this little website which you can find here.


2. When i enter -f -y -z -s -x cpus=1 (I tried them all in every combination) the system loads HFS+files for about 60 seconds and then reboots.



How can I solve this?


You probably notice that I don't have a lot of knowledge of operating systems so if you detect the problem and the solution, please explain it well. I really hope that you're able to help me!


These are my system specs.




Microsoft Windows XP, SP2





Pentium® 4 CPU 2,40 GHz

2,39 GHz, 768 MB of RAM








Do not hesitate to ask me some information you need.


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Your problem is with PC EFI, PC EFI uses a PnP call to get the offset to the DMI table (containing the SMBIOS information) in the BIOS. On older boards this PnP call to get the correct offset is not support. Normally if this is the case it would initiate a search from a particular offset in the BIOS (that I forgot right now..) looking for the DMI marker and get the correct offset that way, this is not supported by PC-EFI right now.

In short there is not much that you can do except upgrade to the latest BIOS and hope it supports the PnP call needed.

If the BIOS upgrade doesn't work, upgrading to another board might not be a bad idea.


Good Luck!

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I searched for an upgrade and did it.

I entered the CMOS settings and changed them to that of lifehacker as someone advised me to do.


Unfortunaly I still don't have any succes.

I wont buy a new board so I guess the battle's over now, I give up.


Mac 1 - Me 0



If anyone has another solution do not hesitate.


Thanks for your support

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