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  1. Hi, my motherboard is an Asus p5q with the built in Atheros lan chipset l1e. I'm running Snow leopard with the Attansicl1e kext. If i use my 100mbps switch the lan speeds are fast as they should be, around 10 to 12 megabytes a second transfers, but when i use my gigabit switch it really struggles to achieve anything near half of that. The switch light for my lan port is green ( gigabit enabled ) so it auto negotiated fine but the speeds are really sluggish, i would say something like 2 to 5 megabytes a sec. This is the thing though, when i boot into windows, the card runs great at gigabit full speed ( 40 to 60 megabytes a sec ). All tests are done with a large iso file from my linux server over samba. I've ordered a realtek 8169 based card to try instead of this onboard Atheros so i'll give that a go, but i would like to get the onboard working at full gigabit speeds if possible.
  2. chmod-uk

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    I have the Inspiron 1520 but with the X3100 gfx. I used the boot-132 method with the retail snow. Graphics work oob with the apple drivers no problem although you still need the expose sleep corner trick to wake up the display at bootup. I used the voodoo kexts for audio, trackpad and battery, everything else was fine, even sleep.
  3. It's called something like "XxX 10.5.6 rev1b" In fact i even have a retail 10.5.6 disc and that installed fine also with boot-132. Anyway if you do a search for "xxx 10.5.6" you'll find it, i think it's doing the rounds on usenet but i got it through bit torrent. Yeah, the only thing i checked was the ethernet card bcm440x and sound sigmatel 9205. Everything else uses the standard apple drivers. My gfx are gmax3100 and didn't even have to select the driver it just works including QE/CI and display sleep! Very happy with this as my main system now. Give us a shout if you need help.
  4. Make/Model Laptop: (dell inspiron 1520) Processor: (core2duo 1.5ghz) Video: (Intel GMAX3100) RAM: (2Gb) Installer Package: (xxx 10.5.6 rev1b) Installer Details: (Use boot flag -X for installation only. Pick BCM440x for ethernet and sigmatel 9205,HDAEnabler for sound. That's it!) Post-Installation Defects: (Needs a hotcorner to wake the display up after each bootup but display sleep works fine with system settings. Shutdown,reboot and sleep work fine, closing lid doesn't sleep or turn off backlight though. Other than that it's a complete macbook!) Must mention that the hotcorner is only needed for Intel gmax3100 gfx, i think others like nvidia are fine.
  5. chmod-uk

    Leopard 10.5.6 for Dell Inspiron 1520

    I've got the same 1520 as you, even the X3100 gfx and i didn't need half the stuff selecting. You don't need to select any x3100 gfx kext, as the original apple ones gave me QE/CI and display sleep. Just needed to select BCM440x network and 9205 audio for a complete system. I do have a dell 1390 wireless though and that is picked up as an Airport card! Plus you don't need to take the hdd out. Simply add the -X flag at installation boot and it'll load fine.
  6. chmod-uk

    unable to find SMBIOS table

    Well, a new Mac is around £800-1000 here and a new mobo is around £50.
  7. chmod-uk

    Help dell inspiron 1100 has no color

    Go into your bios and set the video ram to 8meg, it's probably only 1 at the moment.
  8. chmod-uk

    512Mb nVidia FIX - DONE !

    1. Dump your own rom with nvflash utility. (Has to be in dos, use an old 98 boot floppy) 2. Run nvflash --compare <original.rom> should check ok, if not re-dump. 3. Copy the original rom for safe measure. 4. Edit the rom with a hex editor. 5. write down the hex numbers contained within addresses 5a to 5b and swap them round. 6. subtract 1 from the first swapped number and 80 from the second number (hex goes from 1-9 and then a-f, so for example, 80 subtracted from e4 would be 64. Now swap the numbers round again and you're done with those 2. 7. Do the same for the hex numbers contained within 5e to 5f, but add instead of subtract. 8. Now replace the original hex numbers with your adjusted hex numbers and save the rom. 9. Use nvflash --eraseeeprom to erase your original rom on the card. 10. Next do nvflash --index=0 -4 -5 -6 -j <edited.rom> 11. When it's finished flashing check it with nvflash --compare <edited.rom> 12. Only when its says ok, do you reboot. All this is in another thread but i though i'd try and make it a bit more simple. Hey, i'm not the sharpest tool myself but i managed it I wouldn't risk using someone else's rom.
  9. chmod-uk

    512Mb nVidia FIX - DONE !

    Just an update, like i said i had the 7600GS 512. Well i fixed the bios and reflashed, it now works perfect on an install from the jas 10.4.8 sse2-sse3 dvd. Full gfx support and all resolutions! Thanks for the info and if anyone wants a copy of my fixed bios or wants theirs fixing, let me know.
  10. chmod-uk

    512Mb nVidia FIX - DONE !

    Well, as soon as the macvidia site comes back online i'll try it with my 7600GS 512mb.
  11. chmod-uk

    ASRock 775i945GZ - Soundproblem

    You need to edit the azalia kext to include the right vendor and device IDs. Don't forget to delete Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext before reboot. This will give you basic stereo out, but that's it. Full instructions are on this forum somewhere, just can't remember where.
  12. chmod-uk

    Intel Motherbords

    I've got the ASRock 775i945GZ. Everything works great apart from a simple kext edit for the alc888 audio (id was 0x27d88086), this is with 10.4.6. I couldn't get the LAN to work with 10.4.8, although probably my lack of knowledge.
  13. chmod-uk

    ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    I've just installed 10.4.6 (8.4.1) on an ASRock 775i945GZ. Everything works apart from the sound (ALC888). Just basic stereo out is all i want really. Is there any solutions for this setup that i could try. I can't update to 10.4.8 either cos then my LAN won't work, and i did try everything with that