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Blue Screen in Windows Installation after Leopard

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I installed Leopard on my hard drive to test out my hardware, and was quite pleased. So, today, I decided to follow some guides for an XP / Leopard dual boot.


My Leopard 10.5.2 instalation used EFI and Vanilia kernals.


First things first, I popped in my Kalaway disk, and deleted my partitions. Second, I put my XP disk in to install XP. The problem is that the computer gives me a blue screen right after loading all the drivers. I'm unable to finsh my installation at this point.


I also tried to use two different Linux tools (gparted, parted magic), and both crashed prior to using the partioning tool.


The hard drive being used was brand new prior to installing Leopard.


So, wise people of the forum, is my brand new hard drive dead? If not, what I can do to give myself a clean palette for installing a dual boot system?

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Thank you, but I didn't se anything at the linked address that called to my issue.


The issue is with a Windows XP Installation. This is a Windows Blue Screen of Death, that is occuring during installation. The tie to Leopard is that I previously had used this hard drive as the boot drive of a Leopard installation (and intend to use this hard drive for a future Dual Boot with Windows XP & Leopard).




Windows dont boot up im AHCI mod, put back u hd for ide/sata mod


Thank you for the suggestion. I am encountering the issue in both AHCI & RAID (the BIOS default).

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