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  1. "Retail" on MBR

    Hi, It is up to you believe, or not, but I have install it this way on three different computers without any problems. I know it sound to revolutionary, but it works. "Extra" folder is creating after you boot up with "Empire EFI"-CD. Than you have to go and install "My hack" and "Chameleon" included into the CD. Try it then criticize!!!
  2. "Retail" on MBR

    We all know "retail" installation is possible only on GUID. But I say NO! You can do it in three easy steps. What we need: 1. "Retail OS X Snow Leopard"DL DVD 2. "Empire EFI"-the last one, for your computer. Burn it to a CD! 3. External USB HDD-Format on GUID. If you don't have it, borrow from a friend of you. 4. A Partition on your HDD, where you attempt to install "OS X". Let say, you have Win-XP and you have a free partition for Mac OS X 10.6 on your HDD. Step 1. Boot up with "Empire EFI" CD and wait until it stops loading, eject the CD and replays it with "Retail"DL DVD and do an installation on your external USB HDD. Step 2. Boot up again with your "Empire EFI" CD and show your USB HDD Installation. Continue installation. Step 3. Open Disk Utility and restore your image from USB HDD to your HDD Partition. Thats it, reboot with your new Mac OS X 10.6-Retail. Install Chameleon for dual boot. Please Excuse my English.
  3. Thanks, it works, but still "movist" is better playing MKV. I did several tests and on some MKV, QTX is having slow performances.
  4. Triple boot

    Hi, I have MBP-4,1 September-08. Currently I have a partition for Leopard, another one for Win-7 and the last is "D", also in NTFS. Everything is fine, Win-7 is mounting "D" and so is Leopard. With Disk Utility I resized Leopard and made a new partition prepared for "SL". After installing "SL", I can see "D" is mounting, so is with Leopard. But when I boot in Win-7, I can't see "D". Deleting "SL", "D" is coming back in Win-7. Is there anything wrong what I'm doing? Sorry, my English is bad, but I hope is understandable. Thanks in advance.
  5. What's working and what's not

    I've got Macbook pro September-2008 and everything works. The trackpad even have ability for 4 fingers, amazing futures. 10A222 installed.
  6. ALC663

    Hello everyone, Do you know, if there is support for Realtek 663 sound cart? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, Nothing is wrong with both of you. The original DVD of Macbook is not "Retail".
  8. Thank you Kennyp for your advice, I'll try it tonight.
  9. Hi Munky, I only have Vista installed on my "Zepto"-laptop. I've tried your iso and boot with it, than I replaced the "Retail" into CD-ROM and after "press any key.....", I hit F8 and I've got the options to write a command. So far, so good. I really don't know how to determinate "X" and "Y", or uuid. Is there any way to do that in Vista. Thanks in advance.
  10. How to upgrade from 10.5.2 kalyway to 10.5.4

    The best method so far: Install Chameleon -> reboot -> update to 10.5.4 direct from Apple.
  11. Geforce 7400 Go

    The only way so far is to connect an external monitor.
  12. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    It's definitely vanilla, otherwise I wouldn't update directly from Apple.
  13. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Yes it is on a single HDD with MBR partition. It's easy, just make new image with Disk-utility, replace modified OSInstall.mpkg and it's up to you, rather burned on DL-DVD, or restore it to an external USB HDD, 8 gig flash saving money and time. Installation is less then 10 min. I followed this link: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=116505&hl=
  14. Intel Wireless 2100, 2200bg, 2915bg, 3945abg, 4965agn

    Hi Krrr, I like your idea and I'm ready to give my details on vnc, even with afp, if necessary.