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Boot Freeze Kalway 10.5.2 with my laptop (line: DARWIN KERNEL)


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I have found this forum and all guide to setup a Mac os X on a pc...


So i have try with Vmware and after 2-3 sec i got a frezze something like: UUID with some number...


i have try to setup directly on my laptop (ASUS Z84F, CD2 1,86GhZ' Intel 945, 2 go ram, WD Scorpio)


i have set a 8 Go For it (juste to try)


Burn the ISO Kalway 10.5.2


restart the pc






this time they go over the UUId but they frezze at: DARWIN KERNEL VERSION 9.0.2 etc... and the dvd stop to search... and the laptop frezze and do nothing...


i have try 3 time and same thing...


Something for this?



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try the -x command. Other than that you need to search around for others with your problem/same laptop. posts like this usually get ignored, this is a volunteer community, and no one wants to help someone who isn't willing to do some research for themselves and just keeps bumping their own thread.


That said, I honestly don't know what else you could try otherwise I would help. Search around, google, try other releases. Always troubleshoot on your own much more than asking for the answer.

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Mine are a ASUS Z84F


I have tri -X and after few minutes i got the same error (DARWIN KERNEL VERSION 9.0.2 etc..) always freeze at the same time!


i have try with -v, -x, and cpu=1 all command result to a frezze whene loading darwin kernel ;)


this error are with Kalway dvd. i have dl the leo4all to try if i can setup with it.:blink:

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