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  1. Good guide, I'm going to use my new 10.5.4 disc to install with this method. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I'm using it too right now, it's good, nice and fast, too.
  3. It's great for Obama, and awful for McCain. If he wanted a woman, she should've picked one that had some experience. This negates any inexperience claims the republicans have on Obama. Biden will rip her apart in the October 2nd debate, I can't wait.
  4. Pedraza is nothing more than a thief stealing developers' work and selling it for profit.
  5. What's the chipset, isn't it the Ralink 2561? If so, try this: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/STA_Card..._2006_11_23.dmg
  6. I do have a legit problem. When I wake up from sleep, I get the blue screen, no mouse. I also believe there might be a KP there too because I don't hear anything when I increase and decrease the sound volume. DS3L with AHCI enabled E2160 8800GTS 320MB Video I selected the right packages, nothing extra, no plugins, old drivers, just the AHCI ICH9 device IDs and the chipset drivers, audio and video.
  7. Brokenstones is back!

    At the end of the day after starting with just under 2GB uploaded. Ratio:13.7 UL:40.05 GB DL:2.91 GB
  8. Brokenstones is back!

    There are no open sign ups, wait for an invite. I only had 1.5GB uploaded this morning, I had only gotten my account before the site shutdown. Since it went up, I've been uploading like crazy since like 10 AM. Ratio:4.6 UL:13.34 GB DL:2.91 GB
  9. Brokenstones is back!

    My bandwidth was completely saturated this morning
  10. Brokenstones is back!

    Yep, got an e-mail this morning.
  11. Less time on forum

    I know, seriously. P.S. If he's a VIP, what am I, a VUP?
  12. This part of the forum is for Off-Topic stuff, politics etc, it's not for pointless spam.
  13. How Would You Defend Psystar

    Many parts of Apple's system, like, duh duh duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aqua, are not under the GPL.