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Remapping the command key.

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I have a Silicon Graphics PS/2 keyboard. It is probably about 10 years old but I love it because it weighs a ton and has very firm keys..


However, this keyboard has no Windows key, thus I have no command/apple key. This mean's I can't do a keyboard shortcut for copying, pasting, etc. Is there any way to remap that key to something new? I've looked all over with no success.



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You are welcome


Also, another quick tip.


I have use for BOTH the command and control keys, but switching back and forth is {censored}.


You know what key I never use?


Caps Lock.


Map your "Control" key to caps lock, and just use shift for uppercase letters.

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Hey nice tip

thanks i will do it too


Get this sh*t, I just stumbled on something pretty neat.


I'm not sure if this is the standard across all the keyboards,


but OSX automatically treats the "alt" key as the "command" key.


try copy and pasting with alt like you would command, crazy.


For further proof, try remapping a keyboard shortcut to "alt" with something


(for example, i remapped my screenshot to file command to "alt 3")


OSX wrote the shortcut as the command symbol and 3.


No need to remap those keys!!




Further more, to take it a step further, using the key modifier, if you change the "command" key to something else (control for example), the alt key will take that value.


So, for whatever reason, it seems OSX is interpreting the alt key as the command key. They must have the same hex value. Very cool.


I wonder if a windows keyboard on a regular PPC mac would do the same thing.

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wasnt there a little application for the macmini


iirc it had an onscreen keyboard so you could assign the mac keys to your standard keyboard's keys


ok i found the app.


it installs fine with osx86 (edit again) the app fails to load with osx86

prehaps some one can modify so it does work.


and here is the download link. its GPL so no worries about warez



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