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Random Lock ups and kernel panics

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Greetings all,


I am hoping I can finish this post without a lock up. Within 6 hours and minimal activity my system would kernel panic (GSOD). After repairing disk permissions on Disk Utility, I now get lock ups, without the GSOD. I get lock ups with memtestosx within the OS, but none in Single User mode.


Please advise on this issue, as it is now less reliable than XP at this point, and it used to run fine last week. Info below, and thanks in advance.


Leopard 10.5.2 ToH (vanilla 9.2.2) after time machine and airport update

Intel D975XBX (Bad Axe version 1)

Core 2 Duo E6600

4GB of RAM (1GB sticks X 4)

550W Power Supply

XFX 8800GT (GFX strings)

Edited AppleVIA to enable blue SATA ports.

+Noticed slight instability since that pesky time machine update+

+Noticed even more instability after Safari 3.1.1 and Java update+ (hoping that would fix it)

6 hard drives mounted - 4 GUID HFS+ (for MAC) and 2 NTFS (For XP)


Again, any help is most appreciated.



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I did try enabling AHCI in BIOS, and I still got panics. This was however, before I repaired permissions, which were quite allot of differs on permissions once I verified with Disk Utility.


I will try again once it panics or locks up again. As it has been running OK for the past hour and a half. I didn't think ICH7 / ICH7R (Bad Axe 1) had memory problems with AHCI and AppleVIAATA. I thought it was only ICH9 (P35).


What baffles me is that my GA-P35-DS3R is running perfect with all updates, 3 hard drives (AHCI) and 8GB of RAM. No panics.


I'll try what you suggested, and hope that it works this time around.


Could Repair Permissions play a role in Kernel Panics? Would this change in AHCI?


As always, I am most grateful of your knowledge. Thanks



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List of working setup:


Enhanced Mode enable, SATA in IDE Mode


Real IDE ports disabled




Apparently the problem was 4GB of RAM and the ever so popular AppleVIAATA.kext. I edited that kext to give me additional SATA ports on my Bad Axe 1 (D975XBX1)


I did: debug=0x100 at startup and it gave me a panic regarding "getPhysicalSegment () out of 32b range"


And several other information with mentions of "IOStorageFamily, IOATAFamily and AppleVIAATA 1.0.2"


So far I launched Logic Pro 8, Final Cut Studio and Parallels, along with several other apps in the iLife suite, and its been running good for about 22 hours. Activity monitor shows almost all ram in use, and inactive after I quit. Meaning, tons of ram inactive. But all is good. Previously I was only able to run Final Cut and Logic Pro before kernel panic or lock up.


So what are my options now? maxmem at 3 GB or is there a fixed AppleVIAATA that enables me to have both 4GB and all my drives, and all in IDE mode.


Any info on this, would be most appreciated.






P.S. I prefer IDE mode because my XP drive was installed on IDE mode, not AHCI. Unless this doesn't make a difference, perhaps AHCI isn't too bad. As long as I can have all my RAM and all my drives playing well together.

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