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Dual boot: Vista & leopard kalyway

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hello! i want to dual boot vista and leopard

this is what I did already:

1.Vista was already installed

2.made a filesharing partition on the same hard drive vista is installed on.

3. created a leopard and a timemachine partition ON ANOTHER HARD DRIVE.

4. Installed leopard.


So, right now I have vista & leopard, but when I boot, it boots Vista

How do I make a Dual boot?

please help!

thanks :)

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I have been wanting to do this as well, the only thing i think you can do, is somehow modify vista's bootloader which is nolonger the boot.ini file it is this whole advanced thing. Google it. But i think it would allow this, so that when vista boots, you could select it from a list. I have really no idea how you would boot back into osx. I wish there was a boot camp in the Kalyway. I wanted to email him, but my french is really non existant. Unless there is some unix/linux/grub/openbsd third party bootloader that you could configre to come up with a menu and choose the bootloader locations. What you need my friend is a genius, well we all do. :)

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