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[SOLD] 2 New Intel Core 2 Quads, also 680i motherboard!


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I've splurged recently on a project i've changed my mind on and now i have these loose parts. Im really just trying to get rid of them fast! I've been a part of the community for a while so i figured i'd post here instead of elsewhere.


I wont get into any specifications because im sure you guys know already or can find out. But i have two Q9300 quad cores and a 680i bfg tech sli motherboard. All fully compatible. They are boxed and ready and will ship fast:




Asking only 200 for the processors and 100 for the mobo, doesnt get any cheaper than that right?


Mobo comes with all original accessories, processors are OEM so you'll need a fan


Processors are new, mobo has a year on it



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