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Some odd kinks that needing working out


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So i figured out how to install on sata Zephyroth 10.5.2 on an A8N-SLI board,


the install works without a hitch


Boot goes fine and nothing is unexpected

Internet works fine my wireless card is detected as airport


MOST of the audio works, any sort of apple sound that comes with the OS is scratchy and sounds odd (sounds as if its corrupted), I know this isn't corrupted either because I used the same disc on my friends computer and everything works for me. I used the AC97 driver at install


Then I have an 8800GTS 320 videocard, I used the Nvinject 320 and Nvidia 10.5.2 Kexts to install for the OS, but for some reason some programs like to when dragged not show what they are It shows whatever is behind them and mirrors it and flips it. It quite odd and annoying especially in chat programs and trying to change settings in system settings


Also I am very new at this I know My CPU Clawhammer 3500+ is only sse2 not sse3, is there a kernal or something like that I should update too?


Maybe Thats why things aren't playing completely nice with each other.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated, and sorry if I'm double posting.


Computer Specs:


500GB Seagate HD

2 gigs of DDR RAM

XFX 8800GTS 320

AMD 3500+ Clawhammer @ 2.2GHZ



Installed packages from disc

Essential System Software

Additional Fonts

Language Translations

Third Party Drivers

Audio Drivers

AC97 Audio Driver

Chipset Drivers

NForce 2/3/4/5 chipset Driver

Graphic Drivers

NVidia Driver

NVidia 10.5.2 Kexts

NVinject 320 MB

Network Drivers

LAN Drivers

Forcedeth driver

Wifi Drivers

Broadcom drivers



EFI v8 MBR Bootloader


I hope this helps


Like I said thanks for any help/ Direction!

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