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Strange problems with Transmission!


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Lately Transmission has been acting up.

Some background- I'm using Kalaway 10.5.1 with Transmission 1.11 (latest). My boot disk is seperate from where I store torrents, I have a RAID-5 array on a Highpoint 2300 card with 4 Maxtor SATA drives. Filesystem is NTFS, with NTFS-3G installed. Transmission is setup to move torrents from a "Pending" directory to "Completed" when they finish

The first problem I saw was about a week and a half ago, when I downloaded a 40MB torrent with some PDF's. The torrent was moved to the "Completed" file and I read some of the PDF's, and went out for the afternoon. When I came home Transmission reported that the download was now about half completed and the actual files were nowhere to be found, neither in the "Pending" or "Completed" folders!

Earlier today I was downloading three larger (1GB) files, all of which were about half completed. Halo locked up my computer (unrelated issue) and I rebooted. When I started Transmission again the torrents started over as if I hadn't downloaded anything! Also, some completed torrents aren't being moved from the "Pending" to "Completed" folders, despite all the files being there and Transmission reporting them as completed. Even more strange, several torrents that I canceled and removed keep showing up! The .torrent files are gone and they are gone from Transmissions' list, but "ghosts" keep showing up in the "Pending" directory with no filetype extension, and when I go to "Get Information" they dissapear. I can't delete them normally. Any thoughts? Is my RAID array dying? Is NTFS-3G being screwy? Is it Transmission?

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