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Geforce 9600 GT support?


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Hi, I think my video card and motherboard is a bit new so no hits on the search,


CPU: Intel Core2 Duo Q6600

Mother Board: Asus P5N-D nVidia 750i chip set

Video Card: e-GeForce 9600GT super clocked 512mb


Installed Kalyway 10.5.2


can't get the video drivers to work past 1024x768

tried all the diffrent ones from generic too 768mb


also the lan gets detected but not connectivity


any help would be great guys :offtopic:

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what ist with the geforce 9500 gt 256mb ram?



i mean they have the same 9 series


does that mean if apple decides to compile a driver for 9600 and with some modifications the 9500 work as well?


or is anybody, that can call himself a hacker or a programmer , right know programming for the 9xxx series?


please say yes

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