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  1. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    this will never ever happen. tiger has no 8 core software channeler!
  2. you have to install sata ahci drivers too nick is right
  3. i donwloaded kexthelper to install some kext drivers but wenn i double click on the programm it opens just a notepad empty site. i am confused because on the homepage of kexthelper it shows a window mod programm i am new on mac osx86 and i need some help here. x11 is installed by default on osx86 10.5.7 if somone is aksing ...dont know if thats have something to do with it
  4. how do you installed it? it pops up and then you put the stick in usb and then it comes a ethernet network prompt. and then you go to zydas app and search for access points. but it doesent show anything....with your kext the g220 v2 blues for one second up (the led) and then dead. before the kext install it blues always up. i want internet but i cant have it...what am i doing wrong?
  5. on an m1530 the eject button dont go and the strg+alt+q for the "@" sign dont go instaed the @ is at "windows symbol" +l and by the way your installer dont work propperly still dont managed to get quarz running on gforce 8600 gt 256
  6. i have downbloaded the iatkos v7 and it booted fine but at the installation it stucks it freezes the installation prozedure without saying anithing....after 10 minutes it says sorry but you cannot install osx some problem occured or something like that. i will know download iatkos v4i wich seems to be fine with my dell m1530 as far the hcl dont lie i know the intel wifi 4965 agn dont work so i buyed a dell 1390 instead its shipping from hongkong http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=180385823505 this is the one i hope its the wifi card wihich works. know i hope with the v4i it will work. and i can update as i have had an normal mac through the updater to 10.5.7? is there any way not to burn on a dvd but instead copy in some way the iatkos v4i to usb stick and then boot and install from usb stick to internal hdd`?