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24/26 inch Monitor suggestions

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I have read all the guides, all the wiki's about each monitor... and i'm overseas so I can't go and see any of them. I will be in the USA (home) for 1 week so I was either going to risk it and see what they have at Best Buy or pre-order something if there is a clear winner online.


I've narrowed my selections down to:


Dell 2408WFP uses: S-PVA (have heard that the 2407 had bleeding issues)



LG L246WP-BN uses: S-MVA


Does anyone have any other suggestions? What do you use?


From what I can read, SPVA performs a bit better while forfitting a bit of color, while the SMVA has better viewing angles, better color, but is a little slower than the SPVA. Of course, would love to get a SIPS or HIPS monitor... but it seems like the prices are much higher.


I don't want to spend more than 600... and I want two of whatever I get. I have been on best buy and see that they have some 26 inch monitors for under 600 as well.


Honestly, I'm tired of looking... lol... I have 20 tabs open for 2 weeks now and I have to smack my current monitor 3 times a day to keep it running.


thank you


PS- Great Comparison site Monitors

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