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  1. Dave, Been a long time since I last logged in to check out my old thread. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words and say your welcome. I had built 3 homebrews over the years, 1 P35 and 2 P45 (I even tried that POS EFIX chip). All 3 of them have been repurposed into VMWARE hosts that run 24/7 and are doing great. Unfortunately due to business and time constraints, I don't have time to put into building hacks anymore and I'm "sold out" and using official apple hardware on the desktop now. I'm actually going to convert my entire office to the Mac soon... I'm addicted to Mac Minis! haha 8GB of Ram i7, and SSD.. bam! My friend created a new add on card you can use to boot your partitions... I have not personally tried it, but you might want to check into it. If I had time, I would be using it in my hack...no doubt! Angelbird Take it easy bro! LTL
  2. When you partition your drive (GUID) and then go to restore the image to it... you have two choices. A. Install chameleon before or B. after you restore your image. If you choose A, then you better untick the box to erase the disk when restoring. Just download a Chameleon boot loader package and follow the instructions on loading it onto your drive. If you read my guide, there are instruction on how to do this. So get to work!
  3. You clearly haven't done your home work. The BadAxe2 is very well documented and I even believe there are BIOS mods. You should use google before you ask. I suggest you follow the guide step by step. What your trying to do is outside the scope of this guide. The point of this guide was to help you go from noob to understanding the underpinnings of how a hackintosh is built. I suggest you setup just OSX on your HD. If you want a XP install, set that up on a different drive for now and use Cham RC5.
  4. Came across this thread because I'm upgrading my network to 1GB speed and want jumbo frames. Standard Macs of of the last few years support 9000 (I suspect it's 9000 and change). Anyway, the Realtek chips max out in the 7000s as far as frames are concerned and I use the EXPI9301CT currently in all my windows servers and desktops in my network. It's a fantastic card and if I can get it to work in my hack... i would be super happy. I'm wondering how the NIC is performing for you? Can you post some screen shots of your network properties? Does it give you the option for MTU settings to 9000 under NETWORK>Advanced? Is your Bonjour working? Networking with other macs? etc If this is working well, it would be a big upgrade for the community, the realtek family of chips have terrible throughput. Thanks for your feedback. LTL
  5. And that's just the point, they shot themselves in the foot by claiming that community work infringed on their patents. They admit what is in their chip. And here you go ladies and gents... Patent application title: Simulating method for loading different operation systems by means of externally connected simulation and a simulation device thereof Read more: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20090271173#ixzz0vbaxgVD5 THE INVENTOR! QUOTE FROM WileyC over at efixusers.com EFIXUSERS It seems that his next step will be to file a patent for two sticks of wood and then sue all of China
  6. This is a quote from ASEM's Wilhelm Vnukov: " To Apple4ever. Sorry to be so straight, but you lied about all you wrote here. EFiX is patented product and unique, more you can read in Computex 2009 and Computex 2010 reports. Chameleon actually violate any possible laws and patents, including ASEM patents. By the way chameleon copy the ideas all the time from EFiX, started with menu and end up with DVD boot." LINK Everyone knows that the EFI-X chip is a scam. If you have any questions please visit efixusers This guy Russian Georg who changed his name to Wilhelm has now made the claim of the decade. I wonder how Team Voodoo feels about this and everyone who has worked so hard at the heart of this community to build it into what it is today. He is not only using your work and selling it to people, but he is now claiming that you stole it from him. With all due respect, I leave this to all of you who have worked so hard. Thank you everyone and I'm so offended by this guys comments, I had to post it here. Update: A very informed source of mine has told me that Wilhelm plans to sue the OSX86 lead developers, Apple, and motherboard manufacturers. He is going to claim that all the community work is actually his. He never planned for the EFI-X to be a success, he just needed it to be around long enough so he could get this patent and then go after everyone. Here is his Patent filed in the USA by Rosenberg, Klein & Lee Cheers LTL
  7. If you can build a boot stick, and you have my motherboard and video card, you should be good to go. Otherwise you need your own DSDT and need to modify and or add/replace kext files. And modify smbios.plist and com.apple.boot.plist I'm using AsereBLNs Booter, DSDT, and some kexts I put together. In addition, I'm using the voodooHDA which you will need to install directly into your build. Enjoy FYI - to build your boot stick, drop a script like this into the booter folder and run it #!/bin/bash # replace rdisk5 and rdisk5s2 with your disks sudo fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk4 sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk4s1 # replace boot1 with the name of your bootstick sudo rm /Volumes/boot/boot sudo cp boot /Volumes/boot PS- if you need more help making a boot stick or installing, you can always go HERE for a great noob step by step screen shot guide. LTL_10.6.3.zip
  8. LTL

    Mac is a pain

    You need to find a thread for your board...thats a good place to start. AND... you need to probably read my guide (or similar) so you can understand the basics a little bit more so you can ask questions that get you good answers. good luck
  9. Nope, I have it running on a single velociraptor as per my signature. It's been running great....
  10. I have SL up and running. Using just 3 kext files, USB boot stick, Cham3, EFI 10.5, I'm 100% .. I will try to put a guide together based on my experiences in the next few weeks if I can find the time.. the guide will be on the OSx86 10.6 section. I'm using a EP45-DS3R v.1 F10 right now. I am not going to write a guide on making a DSDT, so I suggest you go do your homework. Making your DSDT and modding it is NOT difficult if you put the time into it. I will however show you the resources I used and give credit to those who are putting the time into sharing their DSDT knowledge. For those of you who can't wait... here is my extra folder for your thumbdrive. If you are using a EP45-DS3R v.1 F10, this will get you working on SL immediately. Extra.zip At this point, I am only getting one cosmetic error during boot (PCI root UID not found). I have not had the time to investigate.
  11. Hi Donk... have you had a chance to update your file download? Would like to try your guide out...thanks
  12. I agree... the lifehacker guide worked pretty easily, and blackosx is working relaly hard right now to shed some light. For me tho... i have come to find 10.6 unreliable and not ready for prime time. I am going to keep playing with it but won't deploy in a working environment till 10.6.3 or 4 ... its not like its a life changer and 64BIT won't go live until .5 from what I have read.
  13. Output: [ACPI] ROM is extracted to acpi.xtr Intel ACPI Component Architecture AML Disassembler version 20081204 [Dec 4 2008] Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 3.0a Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20081204 [Dec 4 2008] Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 3.0a dsdt.dsl 4390: Return (0x01) Warning 1099 - Statement is unreachable ^ dsdt.dsl 4523: If (LEqual (Arg2, 0x03)) Warning 1099 - Statement is unreachable ^ ASL Input: dsdt.dsl - 6237 lines, 206908 bytes, 2588 keywords AML Output: dsdt.aml - 20406 bytes, 692 named objects, 1896 executable opcodes Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 2 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 733 Optimizations Adding ACPITBL.BIN 36.8% Are the warnings anything to be concerned about? The program says that it competed successfully. I ran the program from Windows 7, didn't have to install framework, i think its standard in W7 now. Your thoughts?