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BadAxe Install Question


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Hi Guys,


Hoping I dont get flamed for asking this, but there is simply so many different conflicting stories on this board that its almost impossible to work through (mainly because im waiting for the internet to get installed at my new house, so i can only get stuff i need whilst here at work)


Ok Firstly I will state my spec and what i have done.


Intel Badaxe II Board

Intel Core2Duo E6400

250Gb Maxtor Sata Drive

Nvidia (leadtek) 7900GS

4Gb DDR2 667 memory

MOTU Firewire 828mk2 Audio Interface

(onboard sound, ethernet disabled as not required)




So Ive been trying to install with the iAtkos Disc and getting mixed results, I can manage to get it installed from the disk but only if i choose the darwin bootloader (not the efi emulator (which im guessing would be better and my board should be able to support it)


and also it will only boot if i leave the cd in the drive, if i take it out it wont boot, I did partition the disc as mbr etc.


If someone would be good enough to just simply let me know the following....


a, I'm right in saying that with my hardware spec, i should just be able to have a full working system without patching anything?


b, please could someone point me to the right guide that i should follow to have my system working the best it can.




Im sick to death of windows, and I make music, and I have bought a legal copy of logic pro 7, and many of my existing music software purchases have mac versions on the cd, along with the constant newsletters I get telling me I can download Universal binary patches for a good handfull of them,so i think i should be good to go, as a result I feel i want to move over now and test the waters a bit.

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here too very similar problem , I have too a very similar setup, badaxe2 q6000 ect I ..... basically can't boot wihtout cd... and often get stuck on grey apple..... I installed iAktos 1.0i

I just love logic and I got to have this work.


Any help please !




4g Ram

Ati x 1600 pro

Rme fireface 400

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