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OS X working on HD1 best method for XP on HD2?

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I've been reading the forums and need a little clarification as to whether this is the correct way of setting up a dual boot on my setup...


I have 10.5.2 installed on 1 SATA hd and have time machine on another 250gb SATA drive that is partitioned 50/50. I would like to install XP on the partition on the second hd.


As I understand the best way to do this is to:


1. unplug the Leopard disk

2. install XP

3. Reattach Leopard

4. Set correct boot drive in BIOS


At boot I should be able to press F8 and select the required OS.


Is this correct? If not could somebody please give me some pointers - thanks

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That should work from the instructions you've posted... but I recommend using a bootloader like GRUB rather than pressing F8 each time, It would really save you time

thanks levkovski,


What would you advise as the preferable method; chain0, Grub or the other one (name escapes me) bearing in mind my setup. I dont want to have to reformat my Leopard drive but I am happy to change the time machine drive which is currently formatted HFS+ with 2 partitions (time machine and the space reserved for XP).


Do you know of a suitable guide that would help me set up the bootloader (there are so many it gets confusing)?


thanks again.

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