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  1. Thanks for the reply. That’s strange – afaik the fakesmc is the only essential Kext there. The others are for hw monitoring purposes. You have a slightly different board to me - a UD4 and I have a UD5 but could you share you’re confit.plist so I can compare ( remove your serial etc) The only last thing I can think is that the ssd I’m trying to install is a little old and somehow not compatible with high sierra.
  2. ? interesting. I might need to try and install el capitan on my spare ssd and see if I can update directly to high Sierra. Can I ask what your kexts are? And thanks again for helping out. This thread used to be so busy but I guess our old boards are starting to show their age!
  3. Hey! I did a wipe of my spare SSD and installed Sierra with no problem using my trusty old dsdt, clover config, and just Realtek81xx.kexf and fakesmc. All worked perfectly. Downloaded High Sierra installer and installed using startosinstall --converttoapfs NO Rebooted (no apfs.efi in drivers64) and get the prohibited sign and can’t get through to the installer!!? Anyone have any ideas what it can be? -v on boot shows some usbhost messages then all text gets garbled and the prohibited sign shows. Is understand if I was booting from a usb stick but this is a SATA disc. I’m out of ideas. Can anyone who’s successfully updated on UD5 post their config.plist, Kexts and dsdt etc (basically your efi folder without your serial number etc)so I can try more troubleshooting. Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. So just to confirm you've not booted from a USB high Sierra? Just update via appstore and converttoapfs NO tag
  5. Did you make a boot able drive to update or did you update via appstore and use the startosinstall --converttoapfs NO flag method. I just can't seem to update anything. If I update my free ssd (intended for high Sierra) from my Sierra install and restart I get a prohibited sign. If I try to clean install from USB it just stalls on the apple logo. ?
  6. Anyone else having any issues booting High Sierra installer? I have perfectly working Sierra install with just fast, fakesmc & realtek but I'm unable to boot the installer to upgrade to high Sierra. I'm doing nothing different to what I've done on all the updates - make a boot able USB drive and added texts to "Other" folder and apfs.efi to drivers 64 folder but it just won't get to installer
  7. Hi Robasefr - can i ask what your process for upgrading to High Sierra was? I have made a bootable USB (tested as working on a real Mac) but I can not get through to the High Sierra install. I'm wondering did you install afps.efi to your drivers folder in clover? Or did you choose to not covert to the new filesystem by using the following method. /Applications/"Install macOS High Sierra.app"/Contents/Resources/startosinstall --converttoapfs NO --agreetolicense When i try and update via a USB drive I get so far (Verrrrrry slowly) but then it crashes and I get the attached screen. https://cl.ly/nm04/IMG_5749.JPG (looks like it loses connection to the USB?) I'm wondering if it would be worth me trying the USBInjectAll.kext? Do you use this without any clover USB fixes? Any help appreciated cos.
  8. Hi All, So after many years of service from my RAID-0/Chameleon setup I'm looking to update the bootloader to Clover (like many of you) I've done some testing on my Yosemite test drive, using a USB clover setup to get my config.plist working correctly and generally I found the introduction to Clover pretty well documented and pretty smooth (I'm relatively competent but definitely no expert). My Yosmeite maintenance drive (a single ssd) works perfectly. I use a trusty old DSDT and inject just FakeSMC and Mieze network kext. I use HFSPlus-64.efi in drivers folder. The issue I have is that as yet I have been unable to boot into my RAID setup via Clover and there seems to be very little information out there about RAID setups. The information that is out there seems to suggest Software RAID installs shouldn't be a problem as they're very similar to Fusion drive setups but despite my best efforts I'm unable to boot my RAID (Mavericks install) . The error I get is attached below which suggests that the kernel is loaded but then the cache isn't found? This guy has an identical issue but it's an old thread and after following it for some pages it appears he doesn't work it out. For the Clover USB for my RAID I use same config.plist, same DSDT 10.9 Kexts (FakeSMC and IONetworkFamily). I also have HFSPlus-64.efi in drivers folder. If anyone has had any success transitioning a Chameleon RAID install to Clover I'd love to hear from you. I'm curious if there's something hanging over from the Chameleon setup that is stopping Clover from doing it's job. Anyway - happy tweaking and look forward to any ideas. bw tom. EDIT - Removing mach_kernel from the helper partition has enabled me to boot. It looks like it was interfering with Clover.
  9. I'd just like to say a massive THANKS from everyone on this forum MAJ. This script and your support has made hackintosh use a joy for many of us. It feels like an end of an era - but best wishes for the future. tom. Are we able to use Chimera 4.0 on Yosemite or is Chameleon the recommended bootloader? (I noticed 4.0 says it's Yosemite compatible but the install instructions recommend Chameleon)
  10. Icore- make sure you have Start up automatically after a power failure selected in system prefs > energy saving
  11. @Locus - I purchased the 7950 Sapphhire card but it's not without issue... The only change I have made to my boot.plist is GraphicsEnabler=No. Things noted: In about this mac Graphics show as : Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7xxx 3072 MB - should it not be fully recognised/what does yours read? Sleep: If I sleep the machine it goes to sleep and I can wake after a short time no problem. If I leave it for significant time (not tested fully how long) then it won't wake up - sometimes totally dead, sometimes spins up but no signal to display. Any feedback appreciated. Edit: also noted terrible benchmarking scores in Oceanwave ~ 60fps! Beam Sync was enabled.
  12. Thanks for your reply Locus So, no kexts to install? Did you flip the switch to the Windows mode - to turn off the Apple EFI? thanks
  13. Hey Locus I'm also looking for bit of speed bump on my EX58 UD5. Can you hook me up with links to the exact products you bought (Im in UK too) and can you confirm both RAM and Card are stable and work out-of -box without too much hassle (aside from changing GraphicsEnabler to No) . cheers!
  14. Hi All! Has anyone upgraded a Mountain Lion install with Cruisar's DSDT to Mavericks? Any pointers greatly appreciated. cheers tom.