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anyone experiences with dell inspiron 1300

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i am trying to install osx on my dell inspiron 1300


he has:


intel m processor (about 1,6 ghz)


sigmatel audio


videocard onboard 915GM


broadcom 4318 wirelescard




i doesn't get leo4all, iatkos, kalway an jas corect installed


all i can onky start 2 times or 3, then i only get a blue screen after the apple logo


if i install jas without gma900 or gma950 driver it works but then i have no wireless and 1024x768 on my 1280x800 wides reen display


can anyone tell me how cann i install one of them corectly, and how i can install a leo versiin without the gma900 or gma950 driver?


ples help me!



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wow, capt_boom, thanks for giving me false hope. LOL, I thought that single reply was actually an answer. SO YEAH, Can anyone tell me if Dell Inspiron 1300 (it's a laptop) works with atkos 5i 10.5.5 version. I got the DVD, and it works, but I get the loading screen, then a blue screen after a couple of seconds. I would enjoy giving my sister a Dell laptop, as a late christmas present, and suprising her with mac os-x leopard inside.



any help would be nice...

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Get the latest ideneb release "ideneb v1.4" install it and make sure you select the voodoo 9.5.0 kernel, all the via, sis and intel ichx series chipset driver, acpi_smc, broadcom 440x drivers, broadcom wireless drivers, inside intel graphics make sure you select intel gma900, the only current issue i have now is sound

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