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VMware Tools for OS X / macOS (darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso) 11.5.0

About This File

This is the current version of VMware Tools for OS X / macOS from the VMware CDS repository for Fusion 11.5.0


VMware are no longer including the ISO images as separate "packages" in the CDS respository as of Fusion 11.5.0, instead the ISO images are included as part of the "core" download which is 522 MB.

It is not possible to download the com.vmware.fusion.zip.tar due to upload limits.


However, I have extracted the darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso from the "core" and uploaded to this thread.


If you prefer to download the "core" tar file and extract the ISO's they are located in the following directory in the tar file:


com.vmware.fusion.zip.tar\com.vmware.fusion.zip\payload\VMware Fusion.app\Contents\Library\isoimages\


Please note: In the latest VMwareGfx.kext from Fusion 8.5.5 onwards VMware have discontinued the 2D-Acceleration code, and graphics performance is better now, thanks to Zenith432 for the update.


To check for the latest version visit http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/.


The various VMware Tools downloads are located under the packages folder for each version upto and including 11.1.0.


Instructions for extracting darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso

- Download the files above

- Extract com.vmware.fusion.tools.darwin.zip.tar

- darwin.iso is located in the "payload" folder

- Extract com.vmware.fusion.tools.darwinPre15.zip.tar

- darwinPre15.iso is located in the "payload" folder

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