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QE_CI Exotic Patch Yosemite 10.10.2

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Thank you netkas, nyolc8 and fantomas1 for this! 


I have a Radeon 4890 1GB.

I just have a few quick questions:


1) I assume that the Yosemite installer from the mac store is 10.10.0 and I would need to get the exotic patch for that version first right?

2) I am booting with Chameleon, would I first install OSX and then after the system is loaded, inject the kexts?

3) Do I need to boot with AtiConfig=xxxxxx, PCIRootUID=0/1,  kext-dev-mode=1 flags? And if so, which do I use?


Thanks again!

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hi vampirnata   :)


1) exact... each version has its own exotic patch even if nothing didn't much changed between these versions of the patch. But I don't know if mac store will propose you the 10.10.0 installer (maybe if you're a Mavericks user, but even like that I deeply doubt), the last installer that mac store proposes is 10.10.2 but never mind... you can install it and then use this 10.10.2 exotic patch.


2) yes... you can use kext wizard for that, just don't forget to repair permissions and rebuild the cache


3) yes... kext-dev-mode=1 flag is needed every time you install or delete a kext but I think this flag is already injected in chameleon (but maybe I'm wrong) so maybe you will not need it. But if you have a problem to load your kexts, then boot with this flag.


about AtiConfig it is not required but recommended... I suggest to boot with AtiConfig=Cardinal (MotMot works fine as well but Cardinal has best performances on the newer systems)


about PCIRootUID=0/1... in my case with my old hd4830, I never had to use it


and don't forget to boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes   ;)

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Hi fantomas1,


I have a SAPPHIRE HD 4850 1GB GDDR3 PCI-E card. I'm trying to get it work on Yosemite 10.10.2.

When I use this kext I get "Out of range" message on the screen. Even in safe mode. I have a 1920x1080 monitor with dvi cable.

I have been reading the forums for days, but I didn't find any useful information.

Can you help me what else I need to do?



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