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  1. QE_CI Exotic Patch

  2. QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Thank you fantomas!
  3. QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Hi! Thank you netkas, nyolc8 and fantomas1 for this! I have a Radeon 4890 1GB. I just have a few quick questions: 1) I assume that the Yosemite installer from the mac store is 10.10.0 and I would need to get the exotic patch for that version first right? 2) I am booting with Chameleon, would I first install OSX and then after the system is loaded, inject the kexts? 3) Do I need to boot with AtiConfig=xxxxxx, PCIRootUID=0/1, kext-dev-mode=1 flags? And if so, which do I use? Thanks again!
  4. What a shame Oh well, no reason to update to VMware 8 and Lion then really Snowy and VMware 7 is working well enough. Thank you for the reply!
  5. Great work guys! (or gals) Could anyone please confirm if QE/CI works with the latest Guest Additions?
  6. Will check when I get home, however could it be something with VMWare windowing itself? Maybe it's not detecting the edges... do you have this problem in fullscreen too?
  7. Perfect! VLC now works and the icon text is normal Working on a Radeon 4890. Thanks Zenith!
  8. Great to hear this, could you please let me know where you set these options? Thank you Zenith
  9. You never cease to amaze me! Awesome work. Will get back to you about VLC on radeons in a few minutes. EDIT: Nope, I'm afraid I get sound only (a little stuttery btw) and a black screen in VLC. I'm using a Radeon 4890 on Windows 7 x64 host.
  10. It is really so refreshing to actually hear back from developers You rock! Keep it up! And thank you for your answers.
  11. First of all a huge thank you to Zenith! I dream of one day being able to comprehend how to even start a project like this. Second, everything seems to be working as you reported except for one thing: The finder window has some minor problems. The text seems a little blurry and I can't click on files and folders in the finder. What I have to do is click drag into the icon, then it gets selected. Hope that is clear enough. Upon further investigation it seems to be icon rendering related (strange). If I change the view to "in a list" or "column" then I can click the folders. Other issues: App Store flashes when you move the mouse over various icons. How do I use the kernel flags to disable opengl. I want to do this and then recheck all the above.
  12. Hi Sev I'm glad some of my notes have made sense to you. I also found it very frustrating to make sense of all the information on these forums. There is a ton of very useful stuff here but to be quite frank, a lot of it is garbage. The threads are also not very easy to navigate. I will try and help as much as I can but please be aware I am also still new to this. To start I would say read these two threads: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=136586 and http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=144020 Don't worry if you don't understand everything yet. Just follow either one and see how it goes. You will learn a lot as you go. I would say to stay sane, unplug all your disks and plug in only one hard disk that you will install on. That way you won't lose any vital partitions in case you make a mistake. Obviously some people will say "OH but that is not needed!". I know but it kept me calmer I would suspect that your onboard is probably supported. Don't have much time to check but if you just google your board and see what chipset it has for sound, you should be able to find reference to it either on the above threads or under Hardward/Sound. Yes you will need a bios upgrade. Use the one on the first thread. Lastest one is probably best. As for Retail vs distro. I would say try iPC first. This is what I used. You don't need any bootloader. Just find the iso of iPC, burn it at 2x (just to be safe) and then boot of that. Also a few little points. Remember to change your sata mode to AHCI in your bios and turn of speedstep. Once you have iPC installed, I would then take a second drive and install Chameleon and Retail on that. But maybe leave that untill you are a little more familiar. Good Luck!
  13. UPDATE: After playing around with OSX86 for over a week I have learnt a great deal more than when I first started, so I thought I would try and answer my own questions in case it helps anyone. 1) iDeneb, iPC, Kalyway, etc are all indeed prehacked versions of Retail. Its probably due to these guys that we have a lot of the functionality we have today. If you are doing retail vanilla install you will still need a bootloader such as boot132 or Chameleon to load your drivers. Benefits of Retail are that you can (almost) safely update to the latest version of the OS directly from Apple without breaking your system. I say almost because if your drivers does not work on the new updated OS, then it will crash or just not work. 2) I would say experiement as I did. I installed various prehacked distros and dove into the System dirs to see what was going on. The guides are just that, guides. They should not be followed religiously as any slight difference in your system might make the guide steps not work. Trial and error. 3) Not sure about performance vs a real mac but vs my Windows 7 RC1 install, the OSX86 install is miles faster. So fast and stable in fact that I have completely trashed my Windows RC1 install. I also bought myself a copy of Parallels and run my Windows only apps there. Very impressed with the speed I get on Parallels too. 4) OpenGL speed seems perfect. No bugs that I have come across yet and it runs my EVE Online at the same framerate as it did in Windows 7. 5) Sadly, it looks like there is no working driver for this. I have made another post asking for a kind developer to lend a hand. Maybe christmas will come early ;p With that said, here are my system specs: Asus P5Q Pro Intel Quad Core 6600 running @ 3.0Ghz nVidia Geforce 9600GT Leopard 10.5.7 Retail Chameleon 2.0RC1 Only 3 foreign .kexts in /S/L/E for sound and network. I figured that if an update breaks them, I can just reinstall. So that about does it. Good luck!
  14. UPDATE: (In case it helps anyone) After trying a multitude of changes and reboots, I finally gave up on getting the Sound and Network to work from /E/E. I threw them into S/L/E using kexthelper and now sound and network works. Weird screen dimming issue was due to a OpenHaltRestart.kext I had in my /E/E. I removed that and screen is fine now. Not sure how I missed that before...