10 iOS Chromecast Games to Play on TV

Once upon a time, video games were only available in arcades as part of massive cabinets with elaborate paint jobs. However, today we can carry thousands upon thousands of video games in our pockets.

But a small screen is hardly the best way to enjoy these games. Instead, the best way to immerse ourselves in new worlds is by playing them on the big screen. These iOS games for Chromecast are some of the most fun we’ve found, and you should check them out, too!

How to Play iOS Chromecast Games on TV

Apple devices use native technology to mirror their screens for things like video games. That technology is AirPlay, and it comes standard with several smart TVs and devices. However, AirPlay isn’t available on every device.

Google smart TV devices, also known as Chromecast devices, don’t support the Apple AirPlay software. Streaming your gameplay from an iPhone to a Chromecast requires you to download a third-party app, which makes big-screen mirroring possible.


Our favorite solution to the no AirPlay problem is the DoCast app. DoCast acts in a similar way to AirPlay, with a simple process for connecting your iPhone to a Chromecast for playing iOS games.

Here’s how easy it is to use the DoCast app:

  1. Download DoCast from the App Store.Download DoCast from the App Store on your iPhone
  2. Launch the app and allow it to connect to your Wi-Fi and other devices on the network.Allow DoCast to connect to your network and devices
  3. Select your Chromecast device from the available options.Choose your Chromecast device
  4. Tap the Screen button, then tap Start mirroring. A pop-up resembling the AirPlay menu will come up, simply tap Start Broadcast, and you’re ready to go.Tap on the Start mirroring button and then Start Broadcast
  5. Return to your home screen and hop into the game you want to play on your TV.
  6. When your playing is over, you can return to the DoCast app and tap End Broadcast.

DoCast allows you to play for 15 minutes before you must upgrade, but we recommend springing for the premium version. It’s only $19.99 for a lifetime subscription and makes playing Chromecast iPhone games much more enjoyable.

10 Best Chromecast Games for iPhone

When the iPhone first hit shelves in 2007, mobile games were lackluster and mostly a novelty, not high-quality entertainment. Fast forward to 2023, and mobile games are on a whole new planet. Check out these must-play iOS games!

1. Monopoly Go!

One of the most popular iOS games on the App Store is a board game classic — Monopoly. Play using the iconic rules, or try your hand at a new version and rack up as much (Monopoly) money as you possibly can.

Monopoly Go! in the App Store

Monopoly Go! in the App Store

You can play a solo round or with friends, and various mini-games, like Community Chest, will keep you playing for hours. Monopoly Go! is free to play but also includes a few in-game purchases to make your time in-app even more enjoyable.

2. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now brings the popular console game to your iPhone with several modes to get your groove on. Dance to more than 700 songs from artists worldwide with outstanding choreography to get you moving.

Just Dance Now in the App Store

Just Dance Now in the App Store

Track your activity on the Apple Health dashboard and see how dancing can improve your health. Plus, don’t miss out on game modes, like Social and Compete, which have you showing off and throwing down against the best dancers in the world.

3. Tricky Titans

There are few games for Chromecast iPhone users to control directly as part of a couch co-op game style, yet Tricky Titans proves nay-sayers wrong! Players customize their Titans, who just awoke after a million years of slumber, to battle each other in an epic showdown.

Tricky Titans in the App Store

Tricky Titans in the App Store

Local gamers input commands using their iPhones to control their Titans through various rounds. Select attack, defend, or power up to strategically best your friends and climb the rankings to achieve true victory.

4. Angry Birds Go!

An iPhone classic makes its return in the form of a thrilling kart-style racing game. Play as your favorite Angry Birds character and take on the competition through beautifully rendered 3D racetracks scattered across Piggy Island.

Angry Birds Go! in the App Store

Angry Birds Go! in the App Store

Angry Birds Go! Features a seemingly endless number of tracks that span aerial adventures, off-road stunts, and breakneck racetracks. Play the Angry Birds campaign or local multi-player races, but don’t forget to customize your kart and power up your character!

5. Deer Hunter 2018

The iconic hunting game finally makes its way to iPhone and brings with it several game modes the electronic hunter in you will love. Hunt animals from across the globe with trophies and survival modes that change monthly.

Deer Hunter 2018 in the App Store

Deer Hunter 2018 in the App Store

Collect big game animals you’d never get to hunt in real life and fill your trophy collection with the most elusive prey. Don’t miss out on spearfishing, seasonal events, and life-like aiming and shooting or the massive arsenal you can collect!

6. Risk: Global Domination

Play the popular board game wherever you are and without destroying friendships with every battle. Risk: Global Domination is the official digital version of the classic game but with a few unique twists, like battling zombies and futuristic maps.

Risk: Global Domination in the App Store

Risk: Global Domination in the App Store

Do battle in real time with solo battles or online multiplayer modes. Enjoy more than 60 maps, millions of online players, and a ranking system with the Grandmaster title waiting for anyone with the best strategic skills.

7. Tankcast

There’s nothing like a video game favorite making another appearance. The notorious arcade game Tank makes its appearance as an iOS game ripe for Chromecast devices thanks to its intuitive gameplay.

Tankcast in the App Store

Tankcast in the App Store

This two-player game doesn’t feature any updated maps, customizable designs, or funky game modes. Instead, it relies on classic, Atari-like graphics and simple gameplay that pits one against another for total domination.

8. Twitch

Twitch in the App Store

Twitch in the App Store

Twitch isn’t a video game but a platform and community designed for gamers to stream their gameplay so everyone can watch. Find your favorite streamers or start your own channel and share the love of gaming with everyone. Love it or hate it, Twitch is here to stay.

9. Galaxy Attack: Alien Invaders

Galaxy Attack: Alien Invaders is a unique spin on another classic arcade game: Space Invaders. This humorous version has shiny graphics, updated animations, and chicken aliens that can invade at any time.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Invaders in the App Store

Galaxy Attack: Alien Invaders in the App Store

As the last defender of Earth, it’s up to you to collect power-ups, upgrade your fighter, and take down the chicken invaders. Play through various game modes and rank up through the leaderboards on Facebook, but don’t let the chickens land!

10. Wordscapes Search

Rounding out our Chromecast games iOS users are sure to love is the low-commitment game Wordscapes Search. Word puzzles have never been more engaging, with 6,000 puzzles that are sure to challenge even the best wordsmith.

Wordscapes Search in the App Store

Wordscapes Search in the App Store

Enjoy a serene collection of gorgeous destinations as you play through each puzzle. From misty mountain tops at dawn to the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, solve crosswords, word searches, and anagrams with relaxing visuals.

Final Thoughts on the Best iOS Games on Chromecast

There seems to be no end to the number of Chromecast iOS apps and games that iPhone users can download. However, nothing is more fun than hanging out with friends and family while playing games on the big screen TV.

Although we found ten games you’re sure to love, Monopoly Go! and Risk: Global Domination are among our favorites. These games offer a fresh take on beloved classics without sacrificing originality or replayability.


Playing mobile games on the big screen can be challenging. Here are a few common questions gamers run into and their answers.

The easiest way to play iOS games on Chromecast is with the app DoCast. DoCast replaces the AirPlay feature that isn’t available through Google Chromecast. The DoCast app is also affordable, features no delay, and is simple to use.
Yes, streaming iOS games to a Chromecast is possible with an app like DoCast.
Chromecast Game Mode is a feature available only on Google Chromecast-enabled TVs that optimizes gameplay while streaming from mobile devices to the TV. It is not a feature available on Chromecast devices, only enabled TVs.
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